When it isn’t as big as you expected

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As I take on new hobbies and let old hobbies go, I decided to buy some gold.

I know. Judge me! I’m so greedy.

I ordered online what was labeled as a 99.9% pure “gram” bar and I know what a gram is. I went to school and know measurements.

I expected bigger…

No that’s not a giant coin. That is a nickel.

I think in my head I was holding a giant gold bar which would obviously not be a gram.

But I can’t even hold this with two hands… how do you satisfy your imagination with that.

I mean it’s so small…



  1. When my mother and grandparents moved from Kentucky to upstate New York, my grandfather had a happy thought for Mom’s 50th birthday. He went into a jewelry store and asked for a gold bar for his daughter’s charm bracelet. The jeweler said, “I don’t have any of those, but I have a deer.” Grandpa was puzzled until he realized the jeweler thought this Kentuckian wanted a gold BEAR.

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  2. Ooooh… Oooh Jason… it’s been so long, but I still recognize an invitation to fight when I see one! LOL I’ll be back later, with my counter-attack! (Oh, and listen to Irene… She’s really good with necklaces 😉 )

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  3. Many years ago I thought investing in precious gems would be a good idea. I was 21 and man did I have a lot to learn. I ordered some gems from some company and was SHOCKED when they came. The diamond was so small I don’t even see how you could tell it was a diamond.

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  4. I’m not entirely sure that size is everything … perhaps in gold it is however. If it was heavy, you could put it into a paperweight with convex glass so that it looks bigger??! Katie (Full of great if annoying suggestions)

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