When it isn’t as big as you expected

As I take on new hobbies and let old hobbies go, I decided to buy some gold.

I know. Judge me! I’m so greedy.

I ordered online what was labeled as a 99.9% pure “gram” bar and I know what a gram is. I went to school and know measurements.

I expected bigger…

No that’s not a giant coin. That is a nickel.

I think in my head I was holding a giant gold bar which would obviously not be a gram.

But I can’t even hold this with two hands… how do you satisfy your imagination with that.

I mean it’s so small…


19 thoughts on “When it isn’t as big as you expected

  1. When my mother and grandparents moved from Kentucky to upstate New York, my grandfather had a happy thought for Mom’s 50th birthday. He went into a jewelry store and asked for a gold bar for his daughter’s charm bracelet. The jeweler said, “I don’t have any of those, but I have a deer.” Grandpa was puzzled until he realized the jeweler thought this Kentuckian wanted a gold BEAR.

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  3. Ooooh… Oooh Jason… it’s been so long, but I still recognize an invitation to fight when I see one! LOL I’ll be back later, with my counter-attack! (Oh, and listen to Irene… She’s really good with necklaces 😉 )

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  4. Many years ago I thought investing in precious gems would be a good idea. I was 21 and man did I have a lot to learn. I ordered some gems from some company and was SHOCKED when they came. The diamond was so small I don’t even see how you could tell it was a diamond.

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  5. I’m not entirely sure that size is everything … perhaps in gold it is however. If it was heavy, you could put it into a paperweight with convex glass so that it looks bigger??! Katie (Full of great if annoying suggestions)

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