Airbn… what the hell was that!!!

Well it’s been an eventful trip so far.

We made it to Scottsdale and this time I brought my family with me to Arizona. I’ve enjoyed showing them the cactuses and palm trees. We’ve loved seeing the unique beauty of the desert and the homes with pools here. It’s very hard to own a pool in Colorado that isn’t indoors because of those little things called Ice and Snow.

We decided to get an Airbnb this trip instead of a hotel. I’ve stayed in a lot of them by now and we’ve always had at least a “good” experience and generally the photos match the description of the house.

The first home we stayed in the very first night was beautiful. But note I said – the first home.

Why did we leave if it was so pretty?

Well… we were settling down after a nice long ass day of traveling from M town to Denver, then immediately jumping on a flight to Phoenix. All of us were exhausted, but the girls had been amazing and we had just put them to bed. I went to the master to get ready as well and grabbed two of the cover pills so I could pull the comforter down. That’s when a giant cockroach the size of a nightmare ran out from under the pillows and jumped like an alien onto the headboard. I swear it hissed at me like a snake or Satan, then it strutted (yes I said strutted) to the other side of the headboard and disappeared like a damn magician.

I know what some of you are thinking… well, other than the ones rolling their eyes saying magic doesn’t exist. You are probably thinking “Oh Jason, get the fuck over it. Bugs exist!!!”

You know what else exists? Another fucking Airbnb which is what we got…



23 thoughts on “Airbn… what the hell was that!!!

  1. Just as well. Had you squished that roach, all its friends and relatives would have come out in the middle of the night looking for you. But bugs are a fact of life in certain areas of the country, sometimes really big bugs. At least where I live, it gets so cold in the winter that most bugs can’t survive, even indoors.

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