One of the hardest jobs is being a leader. Being a follower is easy, stepping up and taking responsibility for others and their work is hard.

I was taught to act like the position you want to be next.

I spent years as a team lead in different fields, made my way to manager less than two years ago in IT Release Management , and finally made “low level” director at my new associate director job for RM. It’s been a roller coaster and I’ve found a great mentor in all of it. A person that has really stuck to their word and followed through on their promises. After you’ve had so many disappointments, it’s great to finally see a “win” for a change.

In my interview for the management position, I had three directors asking me questions. One said “what makes you think you would make a good manager?”

I told him “I’ve had many bad managers in my past. I’ve learned what not to do from them and because of them – I think I’d make a great manager.”

That’s not what you’re suppose to say in case you follow my blog for interviewing tips. But in all fairness, I wasn’t lying.

It would be great if we were all the type of leaders that charge the hill first. I tend to like to be in the back and see how the charging is going before making any drastic decisions.

You can’t be a leader if you are always tired and I’m starting to feel worn out. Traveling to Arizona soon to meet the new team. I like it there and have been a few times to see my boss.

ASU is a fun area and one of our sites is in Tempe.

I love the palm trees. That was a bit of a shock and I learned they were brought in!


2 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. What a great answer. I gave a similar one years ago and ended up getting the management position I had always wanted. Four years ago I decided I was a better individual contributor leaving the business of managing people to others. I prefer a manager who lets me “charge the hill first” and be there for support and guidance when needed. I bet your team loves you 🙂

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