Don’t do that

A few weeks ago my wife and I got to go on a date night! We sent the kids off and even ordered a Lyft to come pick us up to go to downtown Denver. We were pretty excited about getting out and meeting up with some friends of ours for drinks and dinner.

So I order the Lyft. 40 minutes later she shows up after having battled horrendous traffic and getting stuck in construction.

I know this for two reasons.

1. The app lets me track my driver and I cringed as she turned down Indiana which I know is a bad idea around 4 pm.

2. I got a lecture from her. My driver. With demands.

I’m going to stop here and say this – if you don’t like your job that’s fine. Tons of us don’t and we have specific people to tell those reasons to. People like priests, seat mates on planes because they can’t run, friends, really good friends, wives if they aren’t eye rollers, and your dog Fluffy.

I, Jason Cushman, who am sitting in your Lexus Lyft ride and paying you, don’t really give a shit why you are driving a Lyft vehicle. I don’t care to hear how you refuse to go back the way you just came through traffic and how somehow it’s my fault you went that way, even though you just told me you live in the neighborhood next to mine and should have known better.

I don’t care to hear how this is “just a part time job and you don’t really need to work,” I wasn’t judging you… maybe you are judging yourself? I don’t care to hear your problems while you work, while I pay you to do a job.

It’s annoying, it’s inconsiderate, and it is kinda pathetic.

If you are so embarrassed by something then don’t do it. Explaining your life away just makes you sound like an idiot to a random.

You also ruined our party mood.