Chest feels tight. Hands are tingling.

Stepped on a screw last week and took a chunk out of my foot. Limping around.

Went to the doc finally cause I googled Tetanus shots and I started panicking because I suddenly felt I had every symptom. Doc said my blood pressure is great and I shouldn’t be walking so much. It’s healing slowly.

I didn’t mention the chest.

I know why.

It’s stress. Work.

I had a panic attack today, small one. I haven’t had one of those since 2005, basic training, San Antonio in July, sweating my balls off and dying, wondering if I’d pass the run. Panic attack.

This feels similar to that time, but more like someone is reaching in my chest and squeezing my heart. It’s not a heart attack.

You gotta have a heart for that.

-Opinionated Man