Ok, I’ll address that

I put a ton of time into boosting my URL.

Not my blog.

My addy.

You see for social media marketers those are two very different things. If you don’t know that by now, you’ll learn in time if that’s your focus and it was for me.

I’ve had some old readers ask why I keep my website going if I’ve deleted my blog and all the content. I’m not going to delete this URL because I own it and if I ever did let it go, I’d sell it. You’d come one day and find a glitter order website. That would actually be magical.

I placed countless hours pumping value into http://www.aopinionatedman.com

That website itself isn’t going anywhere. I’m hosting a blog now because I’m an addict and still feel the need to type stuff on my phone…

I don’t have time to be social so I’ve removed comments. I’m always available by email though.

Those that need to reach me know how.

Be well all!