That’s how it goes sometimes

As you can tell this site is now named after the only other blog I’ve ever run. It’s a memory of a better time, an easier time when blogging was truly free.

I’ve closed HR for good for now. Maybe when I’m 55 and not working for anyone I’ll reopen it. For now that blog is gone and that’s how it goes sometimes. Sometimes you need to move on. I’ve scrubbed the data and removed most the layers so it will be hard to ever find harsh reality again. I’ll miss that site, it was very hard to do. All the links, all the comments, all the history is gone and I’ve done a good job of removing what I can so that things can move on from it.

It’s a good thing. There was a time when the world needed opinions. When we needed a cow to change directions and force the herd to think.

That time isn’t now anymore.

Everyone wants to be heard now and the cacophony of this planet deafens me sometimes. I think it causes all of us to grimace because social media has given everyone a microphone to tell the world what they think. Twenty years ago you didn’t know your neighbors secrets and their deepest thoughts. Now the Nextdoor app and Facebook lets you know too much. Heaven forbid they are a blogger.

I am 37 years old with a wife and two children. I work as an IT manager running IT teams to release application updates and to build automation. My company was bought 3 years ago by an investment group I imagine was a group of guys that had 300 million sitting around in their trust funds. Those types of groups exist and in between polo practice and the weekly yacht club dinner, they bought our company. A year later they sold it…

Now my newly formed company has been bought again, although they coin it a merger. I’ve been working here seven years now and I’ve worked in this industry for over eleven. We are the payment processing industry and my company probably touches a few dollars you spend everyday, regardless where you live in the world, because we transfer the payment between the merchant, client, banks, and card brands. Money has to move right?

I feel like I’m close to making director. It’s one of those levels I’ve always dreamed of obtaining… and maybe even beyond. Being CEO of a blog doesn’t count unfortunately. Not unless your blog is a million dollar business.

Seven years ago I was sitting in a NOC day dreaming about being this or that level in business, when I started another dream. I created this blog.

It’s a struggle right now. A struggle to stay relevant at the work place while so many acquisitions and changes are being made.

I think I’ll keep blogging, but I’ve changed how I blog now and that’s a difference I now accept.

I’m no longer trying to be harsh reality because in reality I’ve grown tired.

I think I’m getting old…



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