We should not use tragedy as an opportunity to discuss differences. It should be an opportunity to bring us closer together and to show why we all care. Why we are all one, why true tragedy touches us all.

Conversations on why “this time was different from another” can be held by experts later on.

If we are still under the shadow of a tragic event… seek comfort in finding unity and not difference.

Tragedy is tragedy.

-Opinionated Man



6 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. I dislike when people use tragedies to push their agendas. And they find it in the smallest crevices of the situation. Like a fire in Paris is not the time to bring up why religion destroys family when the architectural history of a country is being drastically altered.

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  2. The hardest thing I’ve had to deal with is the consent reminders by the media, year after year after year. It’s hard to go through the grieving steps when your emotions are reset every year.

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