Daily Denver

We miss you Peyton.


I miss you.

I sometimes take your card out and look at it. Normally when He Who Will Not Be Named is playing. When that’s not enough we chat of course… here…

You haven’t returned any of my texts yet, you must have a new number.


Your biggest fan.




If you are wondering, “god did that just happen?”

Yes it did.

3 thoughts on “Daily Denver

  1. Nice card – and I sometimes go thrifting across town (try to go monthly to get misc art stuff for workshops I do) and sadly there are Payton Manning jerseys showing up – none signed – but some with tags –

    And some way overpriced

    Anyhow – he was such a gift to Denver even tho at first I was slow to accept it- could not shake off that powder blue from his face – but once a season passed – and Peyton was all in –
    All was well!
    And OM – Peyton should be proud to have you as his biggest fan!


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