Look at this treasure I found in my old Pre AP English book! This was from the 11th grade, so about 20 years ago!!!

Good to know my handwriting is still awful. A teacher called it chicken scratch once.

If you are wondering why it was called pre AP, we had that level for juniors before going into AP class your senior year and hopefully passing the test which would grant you roughly around 3 hours of college credit. My eleventh grade teacher at the time wasn’t my biggest fan and I remember her telling me to find other hobbies other than writing. I just wasn’t that good to her.

I went on to pass that AP test with a 4 and got my 3 hours so I didn’t have to sit through boring 101 English in college. I’m not sure if that’s how it is done still.

Anyways, cool find. Boy I drifted off on that one…




16 thoughts on “Relic

  1. I wouldn’t call that chicken scratch, a bit spidery but not chicken scratch. Chicken scratch is when your writing is so bad you have to hire a translator just to be able to read it in the first place, one of my brothers had hand writing that was that bad, yours at least is readable without the translator.


  2. I don’t know about how they do it these days, but it’s sure different from how we did it. AP English was simply the most advanced English class, and you could take it all four years. Then at the end colleges might find you more attractive, but it didn’t save you from college courses.

    As for the handwriting–That looks neat and fairly easy to read to me. If you want to see chicken scratches, you should see how I wrote in elementary school!


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