For some of us our dinner doesn’t always end when we are done eating.

In fact, some of us that suffer from crohn’s and IBS get to watch others eat while we sweat our regret out at our mistake…

We ate Korean last night. As those that read this blog know, I’m Korean, so that really isn’t a big deal.

What was a big deal was when we accidentally ordered the spicy bulgogi cooked in red pepper paste. That’s when the magic began.

I normally sweat when I simply watch other people eating spicy and hot foods. About half a prayer after I ate my first bite, I was done. My stomach tightened like someone had punched me and it instantly felt like a small fiery coal was in my left side. It was wonderful.

I got to literally drip the cups of water I was drinking from my forehead as my family ate and I watched.

Next time you see someone skinny don’t always assume they are in shape or have a balanced diet. I am not in shape, I eat like shit, and I’m skinny as hell. Yes I’ve heard the “wait till it catches up to you!”

That just isn’t the case here. Nothing is gonna catch up to me because nothing stays in me. I know that because I’m writing this post from the toilet…

-Opinionated Man



29 thoughts on “Tummy

  1. Yep, I have IBS as well and it sucks. πŸ˜› Fortunately, I don’t like spicy food or fat globules in meat, because those are the worst. The last several days have been awful because Lent has begun. You’re Orthodox so you know what that means–lots and lots of beans!!! And then they schedule lots of services so you can take your bean-gut into church and be around people….


  2. I feel for you! I had IBS for a while years ago but it seemed to be brought on by some stressful situations that happened and a few years after that, it went away. Maybe drinking milk (unless you’re lactose intolerant) might have helped ease the burn. I once chemically burned my palms while imitating Chef Emeril Lagasse and snatching up freshly diced jalapeno peppers in my hands. That’s what the doctor told me I should have bathed my hands in, instead of tap water and ice.

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