The Daily Chore

When I was young enough to still appreciate a dollar, my father made up a contract for my siblings and I with an agreement to do chores for X amount of dollars. I think I remember he even privately gave it to each of us so we never knew what the other contracts said for one another. I grew up waiting for Friday’s when my father would come home from the hospital and give me my crisp $5 bill, which I’d normally end up spending on renting a game or movie from Blockbuster for the weekend. A sega genesis game after tax came out to be about that amount back then. Later on in life my father opened my first checking account for me and my money was deposited there. I couldn’t of been prouder to own my own debit card that had my name on it.

I’ve got two kids and I’ve been teaching them the value of money. It becomes so easy for parents to buy an extra toy for a child at Target or Walmart, what’s $5 – $10 more when I’m already paying $150 on average every time I go to one of those succubuses?

I decided my father had the right idea and I started giving them a weekly allowance recently. They were already doing chores, but now their chores have even more meaning. We tried a chore chart… but you forget what you owe and when you owe it. Children quickly pick up on if a “reward” is bogus. They stop playing those games instantly!

We’ll see how this goes. We learn something new parenting everyday!

-Opinionated Man



26 thoughts on “The Daily Chore

  1. Teaching kids the value of money is very valuable, pardon the pun. I remember when my parents tried to save our money for us in a box that they locked away in one of their closets. Several of my brothers (I have 6 of them, not related to religion so don’t ask) found the box and would break in to it. My parents still think that I would steal my own allowance more than twenty years later. Thank goodness my kid is an only child I don’t have to deal with the old who-done-it act.


  2. My parents were lower middle class, bordering on high lower class, but they still managed to give my three bothers and me each a very small allowance. I think back then it was something like 50 cents or a dollar a week. But come report card time, we got bonuses – a dime for every A, a nickle for every B. I loved report card time.

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  3. That only happens in the US, here in Spain no. And I think is a great great idea. But it got me thinking, once they earn their money, are the kids going to spend it wisely? I´ve earned money through very hard work like all of us and did not spend it wisely at all. So that too I think should be a lesson for kids.

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  4. We had what you might mean by a chore chart, not sure since there are so many out there. Each chore was worth a different amount (based on what I wanted to do less myself). I kept a box with chore money in it and paid them as soon as they finished it. They quickly learned that finishing meant the entire thing, cutting the front lawn and leaving the back undone didn’t get them half pay. Yes, I was a bastard.

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  5. I used to spend my 25 cents a week on baseball or football cards. The best lesson I learned was when I was 17. My grandfather made a deal if I could raise the money for insurance, he would buy me a car. That taught me the value in working hard for something.

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  6. I remember earning an allowance way back in the day…it was always spent on movie tickets, music, magazines/books, and treats (hello, French fries & gravy or a delicious Mars bar!)! I hope your girls have just as much fun, it’s a great idea…

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