Colorado blizzard 2019

Not my car. My mother in laws. She was pretty upset, but at least no one was hurt! Not a ton of snow, but wet snow and wind will do it to a tree!



22 thoughts on “Colorado blizzard 2019

  1. WOW! A tree fell across our oldest daughter’s drive, but it missed the car–and the house. We were happy we just had a few of the larger, deader trees around the house removed this past summer. Please give your mil my sympathy on the passing of her car.

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  2. You got the heavy wet stuff. We got the wind and blowing drifting snow here in Nebraska. So sorry about your mom-in-laws car. I love your last photo of you OMGing in front of the fallen tree.

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  3. Oh dear, shame about the car. Glad your mum-in-law is ok. Coincidentally I just saw a post on Twitter about Colorado blizzard before reading this. A library had closed, not because of the storm but because a moose was sleeping outside the door 😀

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  4. How bad is the car? Totaled?
    Pine trees have a very shallow root system, unless they’re in a forest you should cut down anything higher than a decent Christmas tree. Had that happen here shortly after we moved in, fortunately for us it missed the cars.

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