16 thoughts on “Daily

  1. It is a marketing ploy. They strategically place the cheapest one out of reach and push the most expensive within eye level for you to take. Illusions, that’s all. Even in the supermarket, they also place stuff like that too. Gotta be attentive to get the best price.

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  2. Focus group testing. Most people are right handed. They default to the far right by habit. Now, if you really want to have fun do a square inch unit price analysis of your family run pizza parlor. In my locale the best overall value is a large pizza. Even though the cost is higher, the amount of pizza per cent is more. Most people default to a “medium” through some sense of modesty. A medium pizza is the most expensive overall cost per unit square inch. So if you do not want to pay for a large and want nearly the best overall value per square inch small is the best choice even though people think small will not be enough for their appetite. Your mileage may vary based on local culture.

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