Life tip

You can’t just turn everything to make it tighten. You think you can because… righty tighty lefty loosey.

That doesn’t always work for things like a hand towel holder that sudden rattles because it is coming off the holder. You’d think you would just tighten the damn thing by turning it multiple times till it stops turning. Duh.

If only life were so easy.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work. It also doesn’t work on one of the handles for a toilet paper roll holder. That problem too, the handle jiggles ugh, will not resolve itself by just freaking turning it a few times.

Upon closer inspection… and I won’t tell you what I was doing when I found this tip out, but apparently little gnomes inserted small screws at the base of the holders that you have to take off to access a back screw that is holding the handle and holders in place! This screw is so small it is obviously made in the world of PainInMyAss…

Long story long, I fixed two home projects. What did you do this week?

-Opinionated Man



27 thoughts on “Life tip

  1. I suspect that you really didn’t want or need to know about a hoard of finished international DIY projects, but you did start it. I’m zooming right into today, Sunday, the start of a new week, and telling you that I know what you were doing when you started fiddling with the toilet paper holder. Or should I say examining it, finding out it has an annoying wiggle, no way to easily fix it, so on and so forth. I’d done this myself, which is why I now keep a tablet in the bathroom. Much more interesting…that is…unless the friggin’ wifi hasn’t gone off. πŸ™‚

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