For Men Only – Things You Can Eat In Bed While They Are Sleeping

1 – Hot Cheetos (But you have to suck on them instead of crunching down and waking them up. Or you can crunch them and claim it is thunder. That sometimes works).

2 – A Steak and Cheese Sub with provolone (Big But here. You have to use a zip lock bag to cover the sandwich and the smell, unless they have a really good sense of smell. Then you have to light a candle and if they wake up, hide the sandwich and look shocked and hurt that they fell asleep right before you were about to be intimate).

3 – Churros (The problem is that I still can’t figure out how to eat one and not get sugar in the bed. When they find that sugar… your ass is grass…).

4 – You can’t eat kimchi in bed. I’ve tried.

5 – Ice Cream (But keep in mind that if you keep clinking your bowl with your spoon they might reach out in their “sleep” and slap you).

6 – Cotton Candy (If you get caught by anyone in the middle of the night eating cotton candy you lose some cool points if you are a real man. But that shit is addictive and sometimes you gotta have it).

7 – Sausage Toad and beer (It really gives me heartburn though, ugh!).



25 thoughts on “For Men Only – Things You Can Eat In Bed While They Are Sleeping

  1. Sugar in bed . Cut them into bite sizes and pop into a bowl. That way you can still pick them up and lick your fingers πŸ˜‚ I love eating in bed. Thought it was girls who does it? You should ask us for tips πŸ˜‚
    As for ice cream wait for it to melt a bit then no sound πŸ˜‚

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  2. Sorry I read the For Men Only post. I gotta keep up with you guys. If you didn’t want women to read it, you should have posted “NO GURLS ALOWD”. Nobody better not be eatin no good sammich while I’m asleep and not sharin it!

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