Ok that’s odd

Ok this is kind of creepy.

For some reason the guy moved my trash can all the way up to my porch.

Normally one would think “wow! What a nice person!”

I’m a realist. There are no nice people. So I went outside and looked…

What do we notice detectives? No one else had such a kind deed done! My porch happens to be pretty secluded.

Am I being an asshole for assuming someone might of been looking for a free package?

I feel vulnerable.

-Opinionated Man


44 thoughts on “Ok that’s odd

  1. I sometimes get behind the trash truck on a specific road I use on my way to work. I have noticed every time that there is one particular house in which the worker will drag the can up to the house. For ALL other houses on the street, they leave them where they pick them up, at the end of the driveway. I have wondered why that one house? The cans all appear to be the same, but for some reason, this house always has their can place back up against the house. Maybe you’re wrapped up in some huge conspiracy that covers the country??? I mean, we’re no where near you, yet this practice goes on here… Don’t know whether to be jelly or thankful that I always have to retrieve my can myself! LOL

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  2. Yikes I would probably think the same thing. My neighbor always brings mine up to the garage door but it seems your neighbor cane a little too close. I would shut my windows for sure. You can never be too safe. I love across the street from the sheriff and down the street from policemen so my neighbor is safe but you never know. 🙋🏼‍♀️

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  3. If everyone’s trash bin was pulled up to their porch I would go with good deed. But seeing as you were the only one on the block I go with Creepy. Then again maybe they just do it for one person a trash day. Maybe tomorrow it will be Joe, two houses over, turn. Can’t be showing favoritism. 😛

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  4. That’s very creepy. I remember once finding a weird looking rubbish bag in my otherwise empty bin once (very good quality thick plastic and the bulges in the bag looked odd). I was too scared to find out what was in it so let it go out with the trash. Could have been a dead body.

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  5. In our neighborhood they sometimes use the dumpsters when they rob houses as a place to drop the things they steal and carry them down the street a ways to load into a vehicle. Nobody stops the trash collector guys or thinks anything about them. Maybe they were going to rob your house but then realized you are home. LOL

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