Just don’t look for it

I learned a hard lesson as a blogger a couple years ago.

Just don’t look for it.

The ‘it’ is of course the criticism and sometimes hate out there about you.

When I was really pushing the traffic towards this blog I used a matrix to search and protect my blog as well. This enabled me to often find when my posts were being stolen. Yes, believe it or not, some poor soul out there thought my mediocre writing was worth lifting simply because I had replugged and respun the shit out of a couple posts as a personal challenge to see how many times I could get them read. One post had close to half a million views and “people” began stealing it to try and get that same traffic. This is actually common in the blogging world.

The other thing I began to find were posts criticizing me and my blog.

At first I was shocked. I mean, I’m a normal guy and an average blogger, so I couldn’t fathom why people would spend the time to post criticism about me.

People will. They don’t care. It’s online. I was immature. I fought back. I got in trouble twice. I learned my lesson. Twice…

If you are a new blogger I would advise you to steel that backbone. For some people criticism is a new thing believe it or not. Walls just kind of fall down in front of them and the wind never pushes them… they push the wind. For the rest of us we deal with it daily because we are probably around people that think we are inadequate. And that’s no different here.

I don’t powerblog anymore so I have no reason to do my searches. Besides, it never changes and I’ve learned now, today, that I don’t deal with criticism that well and I’m working on it. I’m working on that ‘wanting to hug people’ thing too, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Just don’t look for it. Why?

-Opinionated Man



48 thoughts on “Just don’t look for it

  1. Criticism is most likely the reason why it took me awhile to write and share. Now, I don’t dwell on the thought and just post what I want to write and share. You have wonderful content which is most likely why others steal them although I don’t truly know how that works and I don’t think I would like that happen to me either 🤔

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  2. I notice a lot of people are copycatters… I’ve luckily not seen someone steal my whole post but one time, someone tweaked a few words or so & credited me (as “inspiration”) at the bottom so I couldn’t really say anything, right?? I also see just small things stolen often… words, phrases, writing style… etc. I swear I’m not out here looking for it. I just see it so often! It does bother me quite a bit even if people say “imitation is the best form of flattery.”


  3. I noticed you didn’t blog as much anymore but neither did I. I decided to start back up too because it’s fun and I like to design art. You are right about the meanness and getting thick skin. I have learned a lot from you about blogging over the years thank you for sharing and for your visits and for being just a plain ole guy. Your writing isn’t mediocre it’s good. I remember you said your mom taught you how to write so I’m sure she’s very proud. Have a great day. 😀


  4. You just gave me a great idea: an entire blog dedicated to criticizing you. Please don’t take it personally; it’s business – all about the clicks. Thanks for the idea! You’re awesome! I love you, man! – only not on my new blog, that would go against the business model. It’s about the clicks.

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  5. I feed my blog to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GoodReads, and my Amazon Author page. Does that make me a powerblogger? If so, I am astounded at my energy. And to think, everyone who knows me thinks I’m lazy! Giving you an imaginary hug in the hug-free zone. Lazy AND a scofflaw.

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  6. I know this will sound dumb, but there’s nothing dumber than not asking when you don’t know, right?? I saw you mentionning power-blogging a couple of times lately, but I don’t really know what that is, exactly… Could you tell me what it is to powerblog, to you, please? 🙂

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