This Michelle Carter story just kills me.

Basically this girl becomes friends with and gains the trust of a depressed boy. She then coerces him into following through with his depression and attempts at suicide. When he gets scared while killing himself with carbon monoxide poisoning in his car in the garage, she commands him to get back in the car and see the deed done. She manipulates him and tells him his family will understand why he did it. They’d be sad, but they’d move on.

This case was a few years ago and she just got her sentence. 15 months. And she cried.

If everyone in the world had a friend like her half of us would be dead. It only takes a sliver of encouragement to kill yourself when you’ve reached the mark.

What she did was evil. What she did was murder.

I really can’t get over this case, probably because of my own past. I know one thing though!!! I’m glad she wasn’t my girlfriend.


-Opinionated Man


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  1. I haven’t followed the news story but justice is not blind and the accused is a beautiful, young, blonde which likely explains why she’s seen in a softer light than someone else might be. Beauty and money seem to go a long way toward ones innocence in a court room.

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  2. I agree, this was murder.

    When I was 16, I became very depressed. I kept it to myself until I could not stand it any longer, and then I went to my mother and told her that I was feeling suicidal. This was the first, and the only time, that I ever said such a thing to her.

    My mother pointed at the medicine cabinet. “I’m sure there are enough pills here to do the job,” she said. Then she walked out of the room to another part of the house, leaving me alone with the pills.

    This is just one of many reasons why I write a blog about healing after severe trauma.

    Later, my momster told me: “I was just using reverse psychology on you. I figured that if I told you to do it, then you wouldn’t do it.”

    I don’t believe that for a second. And it sure didn’t work that way with the poor guy in this case.

    But I am living proof that you can overcome even the worst depression. But it takes having at least one person in your life that cares.

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    • I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I am 53 and I remember a time when the basic belief was that people who talk about suicide don’t ever actually do it and people were advised to handle teenagers threats of suicide with harsh responses exactly like the one you describe your mother doing. Many common parenting practices when I was growing up and even of my own time parenting were harsh, cruel, and humiliating. “Tough love” was applauded. I caught flack all the time from my peer group for being too “soft” on my own children.

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      • Yes, I remember when tough love was in fashion. But I am in my late 60s and, if I remember correctly, that became popular a few years later. 1969 was when my mother told me, in so many words, to go ahead and kill myself and then left the room.

        My mother also did things like try to gas herself and the five of us kids to death when I was 12, and that’s just one of many horrific things that she did. So no, I do not believe her “reverse psychology” excuse, not even a little bit.

        But I really appreciate you reaching out with your kind words. Thank you so much!

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          • Well, my memory apparently isn’t that great. I just googled ‘Tough Love’ and found that a book by that name was published in 1968.

            But still. My momster? She was really good at finding excuses and justifications for her hateful, sociopathic, malignant narcissistic behavior. A child knows when she, or he, is unloved and unwanted. I am positive that what my mother said to me when I was 16 years old, was NOT intended to save my life.

            She’s in her 80s now and as verbally abusive as ever. I’ve tried to figure out why she is the way she is… and the bottom line is that I don’t know for sure. But I suspect a lot of it may have been caused by a severe head injury she had as a young child. It was told to me when I was growing up, that my mother was never the same after she fell on her head on cement.

            Because of this, she probably did the best she could with what brains she had left. So I forgive her. But I have learned to stay far away from my mother, for both my mental and my physical health.

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  3. I totally agree Jason her sentence was completely inadequate, I thought American justice was hard! She is a murderer and should if been punished as such. I understand why this touches you. Sadly through social media this sort of mind abuse us becoming more common. 💜

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  4. Whhuuuuttt??

    This is the first time I read about this case… It is insane!! Woa! That’s just like walking to a cliff with someone saying they want to jump, and then pushing them off the edge! I totally agree with what you wrote, and I sure hope no such “friend” ever gets close to anyone I love.

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    • Yea the more I read on this case the angrier I got. And the more photos of her crying… got me even madder. She wasn’t crying while she listened to him choke to death I bet. She was probably fascinated. I hope that full 15 months of cell time is equally fascinating.

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      • 15 months… It is… Ugh!! It really hit home when you mentionned how people contemplating suicide only need the slightest approval that it’s ok for them to go ahead and do it. I don’t know how people’s hearts can get so black! It is beyond me. Truly one of the most disgusting stories I read. Thank God these people are exceptions…. Still… Grrrrrrrrr!!

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