Do you really listen to people?

Ring ring. Ring ring. (My cell doesn’t actually ring… but you get the picture.)


Hi! This is [insert any name here] from godaddy calling about your Mom’s website!”

“Oh hi, yep she said there was some issue with her SSL cert. Strange though because I can get to her site…”

Yes indeed there is something wrong with it. I’m from the [insert department name for people that find “new services” for you to purchase that you don’t really need] and we go over accounts occasionally and noticed her redirect isn’t working! I can fix this for you easily and we offer a service for the future to automatically fix this type of issue if it ever reoccurs. It is normally $199, but we will give it to your mom for $399 for two years!”

“Holy shit. Did you just say $399 simply for a service to ensure your website reroutes when it should already automatically?”

Yes, but a lot of people don’t want to fool with these technical issues…”

“I work in IT. I deal with SSL certs daily. I have a wordpress premium website hosted by godaddy as well and have never had this issue. I don’t pay $399 for any type of redirect. Why are you trying to sell my mom, a person who doesn’t understand web terms, some bullshit service she doesn’t need? What’s broken here. I go to her website with https secure and see her site, so your copy worked… just not the redirect?”

Well it isn’t on our side…”

“Ok. So just issue her a new SSL cert, if this one is corrupted.”

Well sir… it isn’t the cert itself. It’s the redirect and that’s usually a plug-in for WordPress.”

“OK! So I just need to fix her plugin somehow?”


“Thanks I’ll take care of it.”


I’m still working out the plugin issue, but please be warned. Listen to what is being sold to you and if it doesn’t make sense… don’t buy it! How many people are paying hundreds of dollars for a service that shouldn’t even be necessary!!!!!!!

Freaking shark. This kind of ticked me off.



18 thoughts on “Godaddy

  1. I used to host at GD, too many problems with URL’s not redirecting and emails being tossed by their spamming software that was legit email. I left there and went to, cheaper and better support with no major issues (been there one year, so maybe just haven’t hit the issues).

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  2. Thanks for the warning, Jason. They wouldn’t get too far with me. I don’t have $399 (or even $199) for anything right now, and if I can’t understand what they’re trying to sell me, I’m sure not going for it. (I’m still trying to figure out why I get four calls a day allegedly responding to my “request for information about a medical brace,” I’ve never asked for that, and the robocall always starts with, “Don’t hang up” or “This is not a sales call.” I always hang up, except the one time when I listened far enough to find out what they were, in fact, trying to sell me.)

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  3. so sorry I wish I could help I am non-techie that is why I got away from self hosting. but I went with a great hosting plan that is much better than those people. that do do it better i feel … inMotion. I do not know if that helps but anyway I still rather at this time the hope you and all is well. blessings Peace remember breathe

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