Time out

I’m in time out again.

My wife waited for me to come downstairs before giving me the look and telling me that ‘Tom Brady post wasn’t very funny. Or nice.’

The offending post has been removed and my hand has been slapped.

At least it wasn’t with a ruler, they did that when I was a kid in schools and it hurt!



20 thoughts on “Time out

  1. We had a fifth grade teacher who made the disruptive boys grab their ankles. Then he would take a yardstick and spank their poor bottoms. When he would break one, he started taping yardsticks together. Needless to say he was worse than the nuns at our school and only lasted one year. Good thing your wife doesn’t use a yardstick.

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  2. Cheer up. There’s always next year,You never know. It remains to be seen if the Patriots will make it to the finals by that time, considering how competitive all the other teams are. Besides, Brady and Gronkowski may just retire if those rumors do hold out.

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  3. I agreed with you. They asked me at church who I would be rooting for, and I said, “Not The Patriots. The Not The Patriots is my favorite team. I always root for them.” They told me I’m supposed to love everybody. I said I might have to love them, but I can also hope like hell they lose.

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