I am so confused…

Well I renewed my site. I have receipts and everything. I own aopinionatedman.com… and yet I am getting this message suddenly.

I am not sure what is going on…

Like I said… premium member WordPress…

I thought you loved me.

3 hours? I can’t even get connected to tech support in 3 hours for most companies…

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man



9 thoughts on “I am so confused…

  1. You’ve got it easy. I bought a camping product back in November, after testing it I called the manufacturer to ask if the results I was seeing are what I should expect from the product. It took a month to get him to agree to an exchange, though he never answered if it was working right or not. I returned it, it is now 29 days that it has been in their possession and they still have not sent me the replacement product. Every time I ask I am told that they will contact the warehouse manager to see what is going on. If I am to believe them they have contacted the manager 13 times thus far with no response. If I were the company I would fire his/her ass for pissing off customers.

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