Celebrate and appreciate those milestones bloggers! No one else will ever appreciate the hard work as much as you will yourself! Congrats on 100,000 views, that’s a huge step! -OM
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The Captain's Speech

Back in 2013, there was a time when I thought 32 views in one day would be the most I’d ever achieve on this blog. I was content with that because in the grand scheme of things, I’m a tiny grain of sand in a giant sandbox, known as the internet. I’ll take my scraps with a smile.

Not even two weeks later, I got 1067 views in a day. It was terrifying and I thought I would need security to leave my house.

You may think you want a big wave of views, but when it comes all at once, you turn into an 8-year-old at a lemonade stand, having to deal with a lineup of about a billion-ish people.

“Sorry, my mom didn’t buy me enough lemons. Check out my Sound Cloud. Ya dig?” Or whatever 8-year-olds say. (Do they say “Ya dig”? I’m grasping, not to be…

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