7 things not to do if you are falling in the snow or ice

1 – Look to your wife for help. Because apparently she is going to laugh first and then 59 minutes later ask if you are ok.

2 – Hope it isn’t going to hurt this time. It will. Shit always hurts…

3 – Pray to the God of Snow to make it stop. You have time to pray during falling, I’ve done it. The problem is that the God of Snow doesn’t give a fuck about you and is on vacation. He leaves his minions to do his dirty work.

4 – I ran out of reason. My wrist still hurts.

Apparently my New Year’s resolution was to fall a lot.



30 thoughts on “7 things not to do if you are falling in the snow or ice

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  2. I will always remember walking back to my apartment from the hot tub in the middle of winter in Northglenn and slipping and breaking my tailbone. So glad it was the wrist and not something a lot more serious!!! BTW, I agree with number 1 as well!


  3. I tried to track my kids to skate a couple of days ago and have a black, swollen knee to show for it. Apparently it is not like riding a bike. Skating is not a skill that just comes back to you after 20 years of neglect. Come to think of it, riding a bike isn’t like that either. Who comes up with these lies?

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