34 thoughts on “Bird box

    • After reading the comments I might need to clarify my answer. LOL I actually fell asleep during it because I was exhausted. I have no idea if the show is boring or not. I didn’t make it that far.


  1. I’m with you!! I don’t understand the hype, and it just seems like the vision version of “A Quiet Place” – just like “Hunger Games” is a take off of “Battle Royale” – nothing original.

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  2. It was definitely not nearly as scary as I expected it to be. Good concept that could’ve been executed way better than it was. But I also really like Sandra Bullock. Win win.

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  3. I and a friend watched it. Both of us liked it; I thought it was done really well. The psychological stress and pain of all of them was very apparent. I used to fear the dark and still don’t like water, so, for me, it was really rough to imagine. I gave it a B/B+ about 4.5/5. Not the greatest movie and I doubt I will watch it again, but it was worth the time and I didn’t sleep during it.

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  4. Ha ha, you and me both, just a time filler which said nothing than could have been told in a single minute. I feel like suing for all that wasted time taken from my life.

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