Seven Reasons Crying Sucks

Everyone always says “look at how beautiful they are with those tears in their eyes.” Crying isn’t beautiful and here’s why.

1 – Crying is painful. Like a stinging pain… anyone that isn’t grimacing in pain from a pooling collection of tears probably has a plastic face. Now, is that still beautiful?

2 – Tears have a close second cousin called snot rocket and they race to the finish line.

3 – When you cry, I cry. Then we are all crying and a room full of people crying is probably the most unpleasant cacophonous sound in the world. Torture some may call it.

4 – You’d never know it, but somehow all my bodily fluids are contained in those tiny little tear drops because I am drained and parched after crying. I hate being thirsty.

5 – Anytime your face twists up into angles it wasn’t meant to go it is never pretty. So you will never look pretty crying. Ever.

6 – Sometimes when you cry you also try to talk and it comes out in stutters and it is really hard to understand. I find that highly annoying. Either cry or talk… cause obviously we can’t do both at once people..

7 – The reasons most people cry are just plain dumb. That makes the crying happening dumb. Those are just dumb tears. Some might say wasted.

I could really go on and on. Don’t get me started on hugging…

-Opinionated Man



22 thoughts on “Seven Reasons Crying Sucks

  1. I needed that laugh over the snot rocket! I read it aloud to the entire room and almost fell out of my chair laughing. All these are excellent and spot on!!! Thanks for brightening my day with the not so dry humor today…. yeah, I shed tears over this one. Not crying tears… win?


  2. Good post, though I,somewhat, disagree with your points (not all). There are times when tears are necessary to express a grief or loss that you have had or are having. No, not pretty, but helpful. If you hold in your tears and your grief, they will fester into something really ugly and come out later.


  3. Crying can be very therapeutic though. Trust me, I’ve been “therapeutic crying” for almost two years now. And it’s usually when a Rachel Platten song catches me off my guard. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but sometimes her songs are way too much haha.

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  4. You’re right, crying is physically painful and usually happens over dumb stuff. That doesn’t stop me from crying now and then and I look gosh-awful crying so I try to do my blubbing in private. I’m a big fan of hugs. although I understand that not everyone likes to be hugged, or even touched.

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