Ok Cali…

Two things.

What is up with so many places not taking Visa credit cards in Cali? I even had a clerk tell me “welcome to Cali!” when I mentioned it. Working in the credit card industry… this just baffles the fuck out of me.

The second one isn’t new really because in Florida they do the same thing.

Paying for plastic bags is annoying as shit though…

I’m sure it is more annoying to be a fish and get caught in floating garbage, but considering I’m not a fish… I wouldn’t know that for sure. I care more about the 35 cents per bag.

One last thing.

You all suck at driving.

-Opinionated Man


19 thoughts on “Ok Cali…

  1. I hate! Tried “liking” this from my phone and it kept thinking I wasn’t logged in.

    I used to work in credit cards on the merchant side. I never understood why they wouldn’t choose to accept the most common cards, then accept something like Diners Club.

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  2. I don’t mind paying for a bag if I forgot to bring mine. I think the refusal of Visa in certain areas is related to fees that business owners must pay, rules to follow etc. When I ran the health club there was one card (not naming names due to legals) that we took as a courtesy to our customers but I hated doing business with them. They had ridiculous rules to follow especially when it came to charge-backs and they charged small businesses a per transaction fee that was so high that when someone paid for anything under a $5 they were pretty much getting it for free and sometimes I even came out at a loss by taking that card.

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  3. I didn’t know that about credit cards in California.

    As for plastic bags, who asked for them, anyway? I remember when we had paper bags and I perfectly happy with them. Turned around and looked and they were replaced with plastic ones.

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  4. 35 Cents per bag? WONDERFUL! I am all for more accurate pricing of the things we Americans use. We complain about high taxes, but want subsidies to support our “dollar menu” culture. We buy cheap disposable, when we should be demanding quality repairable. (This morning I shaved with my father’s antique safety razor, and with a bit of care, so will my son.) I am disappointed to hear you say, in essence, “It came for the fish, but I was not a fish, so I said nothing.” The day will come when you ask, “What happened to all of the fish?” and it will be to late to point out the irony. A nickle bounty was enough to clean up the broken glass that used to litter the streets and beaches, 35 cents is a good strong incentive to hold on to the darned things and bring them back to the stores, or better still, to bring a design a better, permanent grocery bag to replace them.

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      • That just means that the price is still not high enough. It might also have to be coupled with a more attractive alternative, one that is subsidized by the price increase. Perhaps designer label bags, or personalized bags. Maybe the solution needs to come from designers. Someone replaced the screw on lid with a snap on top, and printed cartoon characters on the side, and suddenly people were using jelly jars into drinking glasses. The same thing might be possible for plastic grocery bags. How about adding a sticker to the bags of customers with loyalty cards that enter the user in an in store contest every time they are scanned. Maybe a chance at a month’s worth of groceries, or a shopping spree, would be a sufficient incentive. What it will take is changing hearts and minds, which is difficult, I admit, but they can be changed, they must be changed, and they will be if we keep working at it.

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  5. Driving in Los Angeles is hazardous. i not only have to watch where I’m going, but what every other driver or a pedestrian is thinking of doing. You should see when it’s raining……everyone has forgotten how to drive on wet streets or through puddles. I just avoid getting in the car when it rains in sunny California. At least we don’t have snow. That would really bollox up the works.

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