Daily (unedited)

I really don’t understand why people pull out trump cards when they don’t have to. And it isn’t even near proportionate…

Like I pull out an ant and they pull out an elephant… which wouldn’t help actually because elephants are scared of ants. I saw it on the animal planet…

“Well I wasn’t ordering…” but you were! You were!!! Ugh!

And people wonder why I charge the hill. You know what happens when you walk up the hill, when you meander up the hill? Some fool trips you and you bruise your ass all the way down it rolling while pondering what a fool you are.

So I charge.

Up the hill… to see the next hill to charge to. It’s very tiresome… this thing called life.

How is it you win, but you don’t really win. How does that even work?

That’s fucking lame.




7 thoughts on “Daily (unedited)

  1. ok, I’m sure there’s a story behind this and your prior post. If you want to vent, but don’t want to share publicly, you can always email me. I’m good at listening (or reading, as the case may be). Hope your evening is better than your day, Jason.

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