I must have this look about me that says I am easily intimidated.

Fuck me…

That’s why I won’t ever go to prison, I wouldn’t survive. I’d walk down that line and all I’d see is dudes with forks and knives out waiting for me.

No thanks…

-Opinionated Man



7 thoughts on “Thought

  1. I understand your perspective, I wouldn’t want it either. People do like to pick on me, I often feel like I must have a sign on my face or something. With getting ready to start a new job I’ll get to see if other people still feel like I have that on my face in the workplace.

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      • not entirely sure, they must flash pretty loudly though, especially around coworkers who don’t feel like doing their jobs or people who need to feel superior to others and decide I’m ripe for the picking on. But that’s okay in a way because I’m learning to be a writer so I’m going to one day write them all into a book and blow them up like Cersei did in Game of Thrones, really big boom, I hope it makes the top of the charts.

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