This bartender must not like tips.

I’ve gotten two drinks and chips without a single word of response from this bartender. That’s either amazingly efficient or you just don’t give a fuck about being a good bartender.

Conversation is a basic job requirement…

Before you ask, yes, I’ve worked in the industry most of my life…


26 thoughts on “Ok…

  1. Actually I, myself, rarely converse with anyone when I stop to have a drink at a bar or club.
    I just pretty much sit by myself, drink my beer, then head on out.
    I’m essentially an introvert and not much into conversation as a rule.
    So it would never bother me if a bartender doesn’t say much to me, or have their conversation with other patrons.

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  2. Perhaps she’s a Kiwi and doesn’t expect tips?

    Actually I find it rather refreshing that there’s a bartender somewhere that isn’t into idle chat. As a Aspie I appreciate not having to act out enjoying pointless conversation, especially with people I don’t know.

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