If you say “hey can I show you this video?” That video better be a clip and a clip is less than two minutes in my book.

And two minutes is pushing it…

One other thing.

Are we really putting ‘social influencer’ as an occupation these days? I just saw that on TV.



21 thoughts on “Daily

  1. “Social Media Influencer” is literally what they call one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars.

    Honestly, I’m kinda like “Can I get in on that?” I don’t understand how people get so many followers. I’ve had this blog for four years and change, and I only have a little over 200 followers.

    I’m not saying I want to be famous or anything, but it would be nice to get paid for blogging so people don’t say I’m wasting my life.

    I have other goals, but I’m having a real bad case of writer’s block right now, and I don’t have enough confidence to pursue my other goal yet, so … yeah.

    Sorry, I’ll shut up now.

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