Daily Denver

I got some new kicks today. I’ve been running in some very Basic running shoes till now. These feel like I am walking on air!

I know I have said I hate running. I once loved it, but something about having a TI yelling at you to run faster just ruins it all! Especially when it is hot as balls in San Antonio and you hate life every foot you jog.

I feel like I’m being chased at work so I thought I’d give running a try again and have been at it for a couple months now. It is actually helping a lot! Now when I don’t run I get angry.

What a balance…



11 thoughts on “Daily Denver

  1. This will help alot. The memories of your TI’s won’t go away, just change so you remember the better parts of the experience. Try CrossFit, because running at our ages is going to wear out things, but CrossFit mixes it up nicely.

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  2. Well, now the bug has bitten me. I want to feel as if I am walking on air, but I won’t run. I like getting cushy shoes just to walk around shopping. I used to run but twisted my ankle one time too many. Now I use an elliptical and I love it. Cute post, Jason. Always something new and fresh from you, as always. 😀


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