It must be privilege

I do most of the grocery shopping for my household. I know where stuff is in Costco, Walmart, K Soopers, and Target and can get in and out quickly.

Sometimes when I’m shopping I notice people doing things… things I could never get away with. I know this because my wife has had her purse checked and I’ve been stopped as well myself by store security for no reason.

All random checks of course.

I notice occasionally people eating food they are “going to buy,” but haven’t bought yet. You know, like the clear plastic thing of cookies some worker at the store made. I watched as this one individually ate cookie after cookie until they were almost gone, I wasn’t following them I needed prunes. Other times it’s the pound cake and someone’s eating gobbling it down and giving it to their kid too.

I get it. They were probably hungry. But, it must be a privilege because if I tried that I’d be arrested for theft. I have no doubt of that.

I think there are people, there was a movie once about it, that calculate the danger level of a situation so no one does it. I’d give “minority eating food before purchasing said food” a danger level of – don’t be an idiot. I wouldn’t try that at home.

Must be a privilege…



29 thoughts on “It must be privilege

  1. I don’t think it is/should be an offence unless you then pass checkout without paying for it (e.g dropping wrapper in store).
    Reason: I do it sometimes out of actual hunger during shopping or less often, pure pleasure of the particular snack; but I always pay for the whole packet since I actually want the boxed raisins or whatever and was just indulging my taste buds during a long shop, or am hungry and the queue is long. Just put the empty wrapper or partly used box on the counter.
    It is a priveledge. One I enjoy on certain of those days. Therapy!!!! 🙂

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  2. I see that all the time too! They don’t pay for it though, they leave empty containers behind things on shelves!

    My grandma did used to have to eat sometimes because she has diabetes but she always paid for whatever she opened.


  3. Yes, it’s privilege, maybe? In my experience, it seems more related to the level of theft in the area you are in. In general, if an item is sold at a set price, you save the package and pay for the item store owners don’t care. Paying for what you have eaten seems to be the key. However, that won’t work if it’s grapes, berries etc that are sold by weight because there’s no way for them to know how much the part you ate weighed. In areas where there is a lot of theft, security can be higher, and you might get questioned about opening packages but you probably won’t be arrested unless you actually leave without paying. Shoplifting is generally defined as taking something and not paying for it, so as long as you don’t try to leave the store without paying, or eat things that are sold by weight before they are weighed you should be ok. Question is, when did we become a nation of people who can’t make it through a single shopping trip without a meal? LOL


  4. 100% privilege, no doubt. I will always eat one grape before buying a bunch (ever since a bad experience bringing home a REALLY sour bunch) and for real, lately I’ve been thinking how this would never fly if I was brown or black.


  5. It is … we (kids and I – we are brown btw) were accosted and near tackled (ok slight exaggeration, but there was more than 2 mall cops) to the ground because my daughter helped yourself to a free bread bun. When asked by mall cops what she was doing, she replied, with a smile – ‘eating the free bread … mum doesn’t feed me’ … gawd I nearly died! And that daughter is still a high-risk taker but she has her own minorities to worry about now! Lil bitch lol

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