I wished upon a Star.

And watched it float from afar.

Never knowing it wasn’t my star.

It already knew another’s call.

I climbed up in a tree.

Hoping for a sight to see.

All I see is other trees…

and people seeing what I want to see…

I have these crazy dreams.

Of people chasing me.

It makes no sense it seems.

Why must I always flee…




5 thoughts on “Star

  1. Your Mother’s star, it was never yours, never. Regardless of want, or longing… your Mother’s star will always be distant, vague, untouchable, unknowable. Your families star however will never be so. Your families star is with you every day, every breath, every hour, every minute, every second… they are your star and you belong with them. xo


  2. Maybe, your longing for that star, is to know who you are, to get back to your roots, and you getting chased, is how you’re, not mentally ready to know the truth yet, but, don’t worry, because in time, things will, slowly, reveal themselves to you, if you’re, meant to know…


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