I have no clue why…

I just feel an urge to hit 2,000,000 views before I hang up my hat. It is like an itch or a tickle in the back of my neck.

Is it a push… or a pull? To some it doesn’t matter.

It does to me. It always has to me.

To earn a million off just writing would be nice. It would be amazing for a simple blogger like me.

We’ll get there one day at a time like we always have.




20 thoughts on “2,000,000 Views

  1. Heh looks like a valentine to spring fling campaign ;). You’re fairly close. Grand fortunes but can I gum it up with a George thuroughgood line? One drink ain’t enough jack you better make it threes – I want bourbon one scotch and one beer. (A million views each)

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