13 Reasons My Followers Left

1. I kept calling them followers.

And bad worshipers…

2. I finally told them Opinionated Man was a woman.

3. There was that one bipolar poem people totally took the wrong way…

4. I think I did a blog post on Women Being Crazy once.

5. I started writing blog farts. That’s where you start to blog… and you kind of trail off.

6. I blamed Gary for everything.

It was me Gary… it was me…

7. People thought they were following a real blogger.

8. I tried that self hosted thing. Twice… oops.

9. Honestly. I blame Obama.

10. Well there was the cop incident. That was no fun…

11. And then there was that death threat which was kind of amusing.

12. I got busy and people online have to understand that.

13. People get bored if you complain all the time. If you only rant. If you only complain. If you only try to portray yourself as one in a struggle. We are all struggling. Get the fuck over yourself Opinionated Man!

-Opinionated Man



54 thoughts on “13 Reasons My Followers Left

  1. Been following for years.. interacted a few times. Life… life got in the way of far too much. I’m getting back into my blog.
    I log on today and see this… Lemme tell ya…. This is not a blog I will ever unfollow. . You post real shit… life… funny, sad, WTF… its real and that’s hard to find.

    so for anyone reading who doesn’t like this blog… as my ex husband would say “fuck ’em, and feed ’em fish heads”

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  2. This is a semi-live tweet…
    ah – F’ it… all of em —
    Although — #2 caught me toadly by surprise. I’ll be damned.
    Well, okay then. Carry on bitch πŸ˜‰
    PS – Where’s the unfollow button?

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