Old Friends

I’ll admit.

I love it when old blogger friends stop by. It lets me know that my site is still working because… we’ve had issues with that in the past. Kind of like when we tried that virtual bar Linda? I enjoyed seeing you too Lou and I often wonder what Nav is doing.

I’ve got Gary. (No we did break up, again my humor is taken the wrong way!) I’ve got Jim and that other Jim and him and him…

I know the rest of you are busy blogging away. I’ve been there.

I don’t know everyone’s name and I have a suspicion some of you are really dudes with women’s names.

I don’t judge.

That’s cool.



37 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Hi Jason,
    Love it too, when ‘old’ bloggers hop over every once and I while. And I also love to visit ‘old’ bloggers every now and then too. In your case, to check if you still have your delightful humor. Happy to see you do 🙂

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  2. I wonder how many bloggers are now real, robots, posing as others, who are fake, I will wonder forever. It is only the regulars. Like at a bar the regulars who come in to listen to the music that I recall. Everyone else falls by the wayside and goes off to their jobs and forgets blogging world for awhile and my stats drop to zilch and I wonder hmm does my blog exist but yep. It is still going on whether there are the oldies reading it or it just sits there in someone’s inbox waiting to be deleted. I’m for sure a girl though, or maybe an older woman now but I like to think I’m still younger than I am

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