Blogger Breakups

You never think about breaking up when it comes to blogging, but it happens. I recall a time when I had a blogger buddy, let’s call him Gary for fun, and he was a Dad blogger. Super pro dad this and that and men and go male go!

I, kind of like an idiot but it is too late now, decided on the pen name Opinionated Man and therefore instantly attracted these super male types. I’ve shared though that I’m a father of two girls and more importantly, I have some personal morales that keep me from doing what some people do and think. I have my own opinions.

I’m not sure what the argument was about the final day. It could have been over Peyton Manning for all I know because I’ve been in real arguments over Peyton Manning and I don’t take that topic lightly. So if the bastard slandered Peyton then we probably did fight, but now that I’m thinking about it… that couldn’t of been it.

Because he said “you are supposed to be a dad blogger and support me back.”

I still don’t know what that meant…

I guess that was a blogger breakup?




25 thoughts on “Blogger Breakups

  1. I am late here but the title drew me in (it was under a recent post)
    And Jason –

    I had a few blog friend breaks and sigh with freshness because i did not realize how draining a couple folks can be – but in their absence it was noticed and I guess there are times for blog connections to part ways.

    And not sure what that blogger meant with his comment –


  2. Ahhh, the ole ‘Blogger Breakup’. I’m quite sensitive, so anything from insulting my X-File creations (cooking) to arguing with me about things that have nothing to do with me (American Healthcare) will get you on my ‘hate your guts always’ list for life.

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  3. Damn pal! I’m still here :), will you have me back? I didn’t want to break up, but hell I got re-married, lost my job, got a new job that didn’t afford me the time to dick off all day on a computer… WILL YOU JUST GIVE ME A HUG OP! PLEASE!

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  4. I’m a Dad with two tiny girls and like you I’ll not always conform to the manly-man stereo types, especially when people figure out what I’ve done in life. Like you, I don’t really give a flying f_ck, but I conform where I need to- Good post, thanks

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  5. I’m a super male type? Damn!

    I’ve gained and lost many friends, in the real world as well as the blogosphere. I’ve come to the conviction that people move in and out of our lives as God (fate) dictates is needed for our or their growth. It no longer bothers me, and I chalk it up to it being time for us to move on.

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