I see and read the struggle everyday. Our struggles, through the posts, they become a canopy. A hanging remembrance of sadness felt. Overwhelming because it overshadows us, we cannot turn about.

Our path, a shared path, with memory stones. A stone for each soul that thought they were alone. We walk, a shared path, never knowing that we share the way. One way, one path, yet no one else feels this way we say.

I read about a fallen star today. Another star, someone else’s fall, but it feels the same. A stinging pain that stays like a stain. Look down, not up, we’ll be ok.




24 thoughts on “Depression

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  2. Depression isn’t fun. Many things I used to be passionate about I am not passionate about now. I think for me its a matter of hormones and changes in life and a lack of energy. I know what you mean my friend.

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  3. Very well penned, good Sir! There is a lot of pain floating around in our mini-universe, indeed… Is that a fellow blogger you are talking about, who lost their last fight with darkness? I have been away from my Reader lately and didn’t happen to read about it… May his/her soul find long wanted peace.

    Thank you for sharing! xx

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