Blogging stats

I enjoy watching blogs grow up. That includes in their content and in their numbers.

It also includes the new and different ways they choose to blog each day. I’ve always admired people that can start a challenge or prompt that keeps going forever, so long in fact that thousands of bloggers now claim they did the first one!

Those are the blog farts worth mentioning and innovation is so rare in social media even though the possibilities are endless. That’s a bit depressing if you think about it.

If you want to catch a reader’s eye… blog from the hip. Show us something new. Show us you.



12 thoughts on “Blogging stats

  1. You know, Jason, we all start off blogging from the hip. At the beginning, we’re so enthused and full of those fresh ideas. Many of us even manage to come up with some kind of offbeat idea for a blog that somehow gathers a small cult following. But after a few years, it seems those ideas run dry. It’s hard to be creative all the time, for a very long time. At that point, we find ourselves producing the same kind of “what I did today” posts that every other blogger has. It’s sad, but maybe it’s part of growing up in the blogging world.

    I must say that although my readership has grown very slowly, it has grown and I haven’t lost anyone because of the way my main site has changed over the years. Some people seem to enjoy the photography I’ve added while others just like the ongoing snarkiness (although perhaps not as snarky as at the beginning). Or maybe it’s just that my longtime readers see me as a habit they can’t break.

    But it’s still fun. As long as that’s true, I will continue to blog.

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      • I know, Jason. There are days when Not CM struggles to return, but it’s been too long now. I just incorporate her into my own posts at times, and that seems to work well.

        BTW, thanks so much for the comment. I’ve always wondered if others thought I was simply wasting my time. Heck, sometimes I think that myself. Your comment was a nice kick in the butt – time to get myself back on track.

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  2. Indeed. It’s hard to find those blogs, nowadays, isn’t it? Who shoots from the hip anymore? OK – so I’ve about destroyed my blog to the point where it has no readers. Maybe it’s time to grow it again. That’s it – I blog like some people play with those weird plastic grow-gators you throw into the tub and watch grow until YOU can’t fit into your own tub anymore.

    This used to be a fun game, back when Alexa (the blog ranking arm of Amazon that didn’t used to BE owned by Amazon) was actually a thing and people bothered installing the browser tool so their visits got counted. πŸ˜‰ So how do you measure “growth” these days, OM? Subscriber count? MOZ? GA? Something else? Just wondering what the scoring system is, these days, so I can figure out how to game it–er, I mean, measure it. πŸ˜‰

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