What blogging has become

I check up on people and their blogs. Through the window of course.

If I ring the doorbell Gary will just talk my ear off. If I say hello I’ll have to hear how well Cindy is doing and how great her doll collection is. Those dolls creep me out and Gary is a hugger… we all know how I feel about huggers.

If you don’t have time to be social then you become “the reader.” You become the ‘liker’ even though you really feel like telling jim his new murse isn’t a good choice. You only come out of your shell when something really pulls you by the teeth and even then… someone damn well better be dying. Because you’ve become a browser due to life, but you are still a blogger…

And that’s what blogging has become.




80 thoughts on “What blogging has become

  1. I just saw this post from August – I feel like a lot of bloggers speed through their Reader, and “Like” posts, just so people will come over to their blog and “Like” their posts. It’s irritating and honestly meaningless. I am of the belief, if one can’t be bothered to read a persons post, just move on – don’t give a superficial “Like”, just hang with your blogging homies, in your blogging clique. I will just keep posting stuff I find interesting – in fact one of my most popular posts is on Golytely and getting ready for a colonscopy – how funny is that?

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  2. I need to write a blog today. It’s on my schedule. Thursdays. Write a blog. I like to read blogs more than I like to write blogs. I like to write novels. But it takes me a year to write a novel. Everybody would wander off waiting for me to finish my blog next year. Just like reading long comments that ramble. Because I need to write a blog. XXXXOOOO

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  3. I definitely agree with this. My urge to interact with blogs, and sometimes even those who do pull teeth to comment on my stuff comes and goes. I would like for the full-on interaction to totally remain. However, this is indeed what it has becom.

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  4. There’s nothing wrong with being the reader. So long as SOMEONE reads, I’m happy, whether they “like”, comment or not. I agree, however, that many blogs (including mine, unfortunately) wind up being more of a diary than a collection of entertaining stories. Still, I get more views on the silly daily stuff than I do on what I consider to be the quality posts. Go figure.

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  5. You’re right, there’s a lot of hidden agenda going on in the blogging world. Mostly, people just like other people’s blogs so that they’ll receive a return like – we are a community of self involved twats, to look on the dark side. On the other hand…I’d like to think that only people who genuinely wanted to read my stuff, went and read it. And liked it. Likewise, I’ll read other people’s blogs if they genuinely have something interesting to say, and then I’ll comment rather than like. As I’m doing now:)

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  6. I feel so indifferent about most people’s posts. It makes me feel like I’m doing someone a service when I make a critique (moreso just bland praises) of their poem or post. Going through my reader is a chore that I always put off, I actually hardly ever go on it. Tho I post and post and post and I don’t give a damn if anyone liked it or saw it. I just want it there if someone sought it, that they can say, ‘Damn I really feel this.’ And I don’t think people have more intention sometimes than to just appease an audience and that’s just sad…

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  7. That’s the reality of the blogging world today, but I’d like to differ. I always speak what’s on my mind, when I see something interesting like this post, I gotta say something, so there.

    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would love to connect with you, I am Ragazza. 😊

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