Building a Bitter Kingdom Friday Giftures

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I’ve learned a lot about bitterness in my life, but especially lately. I’ve always had that bitter edge, but when I lost access to my blog early this month, WordPress is going to learn that you can’t keep a bitter guy down. If I want to be down that is my choice. They may think they have crumbled the Bitter Kingdom, but all they did was make me more determined to be bitter than ever. With the old blog down, I don’t have much to show for it, except this tiny brick. But with that brick I will build the kingdom even bigger and bitterer. Look forward to bigger things coming. In the meantime, the Bitter Friday Giftures have been missing for a little while, but today they are back and they are bitter than ever.

They will keep throwing me in the mud…

…and I will keep getting back…

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I whispered in the rain and watched as my words collided in pain.

Watched them tumble covered with water…

Am I much better?

A walking sentence searching for a missing word.


I whispered alone in the rain with people all around me oblivious to my pain.

The feeling of being so alone amongst a crowd made me feel insane.

I screamed at them without saying a word.

A single sentence in a world of words.


I didn’t speak today, I didn’t seem to care.

Didn’t fully wake, didn’t brush my hair.

I walked like I had walked before.

A word being dragged by life once more.





We are gonna be alright.

We’ve been through far worse.

Just gotta keep focused, keep moving. There will be time for reflection later. It is time to move forward now.

Be well my heart, be well.

We’ll be just fine.