WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

All bloggers are welcome to use this post as a forum for meeting new bloggers and finding new blogs to visit! Feel free and promote yourself below! Visit some blogs and make some new friends!

This post now has over 2,000 active bloggers waiting to connect in it. I encourage anyone looking for new blogs to view or people to converse with to browse through the comment section and network!

All bloggers are welcome to use this post as a “Self-Promotion” thread for their blog, projects, causes, writing, books, eBooks, food, fashion, or whatever you are into. You may post links, book covers, or whatever you like and feel free to revisit and leave a new comment as this thread will quickly fill up.

Hopefully some authors, photographers, painters, writers, and bloggers will take the opportunity to push their work. Please keep promotional comments on the posts dedicated for that purpose.

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Thanks for stopping by!

-Opinionated Man

Jason Chandler Cushman


10,224 thoughts on “WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

  1. Hi

    My name’s Katie – I’m a junior doctor who’s recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and I’ve just started a blog about my experiences of it so far. I’m pretty sure no one has read it yet (especially as I’m really reluctant to share it with anyone who knows me!) so would love it if someone gave it a read and let me know what you think. I’m hoping it might help other IBD sufferers come to terms with their conditions too.


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  2. I’m a parent blogger with a medically complex child. I published a book on the basics of navigating medical care for a medically complex child called, “Becoming a Medical Mom.” I wanted to make sure other parents didn’t need to end up in the same place I was when I had a medically complex child, feeling quite confused and alone. Both the blog and book are on my site, just click my name. The book is on the right side panel.

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  3. Hi there! 🔥I take photographs and write about traveling the world, I explain what I’ve done and give my personal recommendations. I live in Paris now, but I’m planning on moving to China this summer. So that means a lot of new countries ahead! To be honest I would love to see where this blog can go, I want it to be helpful and inspiring. I’m hoping to start a conversation with you guys, so feel free to contact me!

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  4. I have not been here for a while, so I thought I would stop by and leave a link. I have not been blogging as much, though my blog keeps burbling quietly along all on its own, it seems. I’m thankful for that!

    I finally went back into the Reader and caught up with some people today, this blog being one I had missed visiting.

    I did write a blog today, here:


    Thanks for allowing the share.

    Much appreciated!

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  5. Hello!
    I’ve had my blog for a while but have recently gotten more active on it. It started out as a blog for my online hobbies & collectibles store, but I also blog about my own hobbies and personal interests. I’d really like to connect with other bloggers who are toy collectors, kids at heart, and/or pet owners.


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  7. Hey everyone! My name is Savannah and I run Millennial Mrs. and Mom LLC. I offer relationship coaching over there as well as run a family and relationships blog. If you’re a parent, in a relationship, or married this blog is for you! 🙂

    Newest blog post “What I’ve Learned in One Year From Being a Mom and Wife https://millennialmrsandmom.com/2019/01/16/what-ive-learned-in-one-year-from-being-a-mom-and-wife/

    Work With Me page: https://millennialmrsandmom.com/work-with-me/

    I would LOVE to connect with other family and relationship bloggers or other relationship coaches as well!


  8. Hi there, just wanted to pop over and let you know about my blog project “Music Monday Care & Love”. We are a couple of bloggers exploring self-care in all its facets and adding some music to it. You can join us anytime and also on and off. It’s entirely up to you. But hurry up if you want to come along because I am a blog vagabond and might not be at that space very long 😉 . For now find me here: https://thebeewritesdownloads.wordpress.com/tag/music-monday-care-love/
    Jason: Thanks so much for this opportunity! Have a great new week!

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  11. Hi my name is Cat, and my blog is about my life with bipolar disorder!!! I talk about my conflicts and resolutions with my diagnosis, therapy, psychiatry, medications, two hospitalizations, and excerpts from a book I’m trying to find and agent for!!! Please check me out; as of right now I follow back anyone who follows me and would love to help out with guest posting, reblogging, etc. relevant info to my blog!!!

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  13. https://soundeagle.wordpress.com

    🦅 SoundEagle is a garden of art, science, poetry, music, video, graphics, cartoons, animations, games and puzzles in a beautiful, dynamically syndicated press containing posts, buzzes, events and social media updates.

    May you find ample enjoyment and meanings in perusing SoundEagle’s posts and pages, which, as you might have observed, tend to be polysemic, pluralistic and multifaceted, given that they often contain complementary prose, poetry, art, graphics, cartoons, animations, games, puzzles, music and video, sewn and strewn together synergistically as well as aesthetically, but whose denotations and connotations are left in your hands, in your eyes as a beholder, in your ears as an audience, in your mind as an interpreter, in your heart as a connoisseur, in your patronage as a reader, in your discretion as a fellow blogger, and in your whim as a free thinker.

    Please feel free to leave plenty of your footprints, to share your thoughts and feelings, to join SoundEagle on a special quest of empathy and consilience, via wisdom and understanding, through discovery and appreciation. For those who have a playful or adventurous streak, your patience with wading through posts and pages will be rewarded by music and video as well as interactive games, puzzles and animations, all of which await your discovery and enjoyment.

    SoundEagle hopes that you will find something to your liking, to jolt your memory, to pique your interest, to linger in your mind, to provoke a discussion, to question a paradigm, to gain new insights, to see from multiple perspectives, to become more holistic — something that provides the extra spark for you to be more enriched and consilient — something born of, or connected to, the interests of SoundEagle. 🦅

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  14. Hey, my friend. Been a while.

    I’m working on an ACTUAL book… might hit you up for (wait for it) an opinion. 😉 To include in the book, I mean. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to proofread.

    If anyone else here is adopted or has adopted (or is considering) and might like to be part of the research, contact me via hypervigilant.org

    If you’re just in the mood for a read:
    Adoption related blog… anyone is welcome, but especially if adoption is part of your life: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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    • I would love to connect with you!! (but I’m on my phone right now and it’s difficult for me to find this page again when i click on other links to follow people) my blog is about my life with bipolar disorder, and I am also trying to publish a book!!!

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  15. Hey everyone! My blog is called therapy bits. I am a mental health blogger. I live with dissociative identity disorder and complex ptsd. I am also blind. I write about living with these mental illnesses, I write about disability, I write about therapy and the process of going through psychotherapy. I post quotes, recipes, poetry, there is a little bit of everything on my blog! the link to it is http://therapybits.com/ would love it if some of you could check it out!

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    • I would love to connect with you!! (but I’m on my phone right now and it’s difficult for me to find this page again when i click on other links to follow people) my blog is about my life with bipolar disorder, so we have similar themes!!! Let me know if you want to mutually follow 🙂


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  17. Well J, it is once again yer ‘ole buddy Tim with a new blog. The difference this time is that this one will be my last. You’ve probably seen some posts from it on my FB already.

    To everyone else that may read this, I invite you to come over a take a look at my new blog Whispers from the Holler, you can find it here https://whispersfromtheholler.wordpress.com/

    It is about memories of growing up in and around the mountains, hills, and hollers or Hallows for all the non-Southern readers, and in this little once booming coal town.

    It is also the repository for my Vlog and Podcast.

    So, if ya want a taste of Southern Living and might be interested to know what it was really like growing up in the late ’60’s through the early ’80’s in the south with traditional southern values and ancient, handed down ways of living, then come check it out.

    There’s not that much there yet, but give it a chance, I’m fairly sure you’ll like it.

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  18. Thanks, Jason, for giving us this venue to say “howdy.” Normally, I drop in every now and again to promote my own blog, but today I want to let folks know about a new endeavor called Delia Talent, which is a Christian Creative collaborative blog. https://deliatalent.wordpress.com/

    All creative Christians are welcome and she has even set up a Facebook support group. Links are on the page.

    Lela Markham (https://aurorawatcherak.wordpress.com/)

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  20. Hi all! This blog is aimed at spreading awareness and educating persons on mental health and mental illness. We post informative posts and inspirational posts. Our space is open to anyone wishing to share experiences, ask questions, or feel safe. This blog is geared toward anyone experiencing mental health issues, mental illnesses, psychology students, persons wanting to learn about psychology, persons in need of a bit of motivation, and anyone interested! We look forward to meeting you!


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  21. So I am not a new blogger – Jason and I started at about the same time and he was like the 10th person to follow my blog. I enjoy his posts so much and I occasionally pop over here and leave my calling card to see if I can drum up some more attention.


    I’m an Alaska novelist and blogger. I babble about all sorts of issues, mostly from a voluntaryist POV, and then I occasionally hawk my books or interview other authors.

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  22. Hello Bloggerships, Introducing the https://nationalstemsociety.org/ a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization on WordPress on a mission to level the playing field in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, careers, and fields to impact the statistics of girls and women in STEM through integrity, innovation, equality, respect, and serve people first core values operating in underrepresented communities for underserved youth and teachers. Please stop by and show some love and nominate a awesome teacher out there in the nation who may need support. We ❤️ Teachers! All the best! Professional Women in STEM Network

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    • Thanks a lot! Like Stella, I just started on WordPress with a blog in german and one in english. Love literature, music and art and am creating postcards. Would be glad about a feedback 😉

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  23. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

    My name is Stella, I am blogging since December 2015, and I have various areas of interest: Travelling, Reading, writing, hiking, biking, handicraft, recipes, music, introspection … Usually my blog is written in German, but I started to write both, in English and German some weeks ago. This is my latest post: https://birgitdiestarkeblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/29/musik-musik-musik-3-music-music-music-3/

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  24. I’ll keep this short and sweet.
    I challenged myself to write at least 500 words a night for the rest of my life or I throw myself into the spokes of a Spinning Jenny.
    Please follow if you like Horror Fiction, or have any idea what a Spinning Jenny is.

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  26. Hello everyone! Just refreshed my blog and deleted the old one. I am a twenty-six-year-old first-year student nurse from Ireland that has just started blogging about returning to university to study nursing, my experiences during clinical placement, relationship and my everyday life. Feel free to check out my blog and give it a follow if you feel the content might interest you. The blog is a little bare at the moment but I’m aiming to post a few times a week. Thanks!

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    • I would love to connect with you!! (but I’m on my phone right now and it’s difficult for me to find this page again when i click on other links to follow people) my blog is about my life with bipolar disorder, so I would love to hear about your experiences as a nurse dealing with all kinds of patients!!! Let me know if you want to mutually follow 🙂


  27. Hello everyone! I am a twenty six year old first year student nurse from Ireland that has just started blogging. I’ve tried in the past but I finally believe that I have a life worth blogging about. Feel free to follow my blog and check out my first post of 2018. My blog will consist of life at university, experiences on clinical placement in a busy hospital, my relationship with my boyfriend and my everyday experiences.

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  28. Hi all!

    My blog has been up and running for two and a half years now! Recently, however, I have discovered my niche and have started tailoring my blog to what really matters to me: sharing my journey as a young wife, college student, and follower of Jesus who desires to live a life I love.
    Check out my blog at wordssweeterthanhoney.com
    and connect on the recently launched Facebook page at facebook.com/wordssweeterthanhoneyblog


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  29. Came across your site via Milly Schmidt – loved the positive vibe in your advice on building a following. Here’s my site: https://theink.co/. I only started a few months ago, and already I’m just overwhelmed by the sense of community, the huge number of inventive, talented and creative people… This seems like a cool place to meet some more. Come check it out – and please, direct me towards yours!

    My most recent post is about some of the positives in remaining undiscovered. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  30. TRAVEL Bloggers Welcome
    Family Travel Host USA

    We love writing and traveling. Visit our blog at https://familytravelhostusa.com/. We are always looking for great travel stories. Inviting new and beginning travel writers/bloggers to join us. Email marcies1960@aol.com

    Travel bloggers are welcome to use this post as a free forum to promote your travel stories and blogs below! Bloggers are welcome to post here and promote travel blogs, travel projects and other travel-related ideas. Post links anytime – tell others about our free promotion.

    Re-blog or share this post!

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  31. Good morning and I hope your holiday season is awesome. I have not been on here in awhile and am working to get Jason to reinvigorate this portion of his blog, I loved the interaction and views when this was getting put out every month or every couple of months. We’re a small but growing blog trying to get noticed in a sea of sooo many other great writers. We love to travel, travel with family and sail-

    We are: LiveFree2SailFast.com

    Come give us a look when you have time-

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  32. I’m not sure how I got here, but here’s a link to my blog.

    I’m kind of struggling with it now. It began as quitting smoking blog, then morphed into a depression blog, then changed into a life goals blog, but now I’m just kind of stuck.
    I don’t know where to go from here.
    I love to write, and I know people enjoy reading it, but I just don’t know where to go with it now.

    I haven’t found my thing yet.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

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    • I would love to connect with you!! (but I’m on my phone right now and it’s difficult for me to find this page again when i click on other links to follow people) my blog is about my life with bipolar disorder, so we have similar themes!!! Let me know if you want to mutually follow 🙂


  33. Way late to the party but I heard the author of this blog is a pretty cool guy that leaves encouraging heartfelt comments on others blogs and thought I’d stop by and say my own thanks for being a kind human. Thank you!

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  34. lraebpoetry.wordpress.com
    Of all the followers on my last poetry blog, Opinionated Man is the one I remembered and looked up upon starting my new more orderly blog. I was looking to reconnect and now can hopefully connect further! Thanks, OM!
    My poetry deals primarily with themes of faith, disability, stages of life, womanhood, and shame. Check it out!

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  36. Much appreciation to the Opinionated Man for creating this blog.

    Hi my name’s Kal and I’m an addi…wrong place, just kidding.

    I write about life, lust and love, usually in the form of poetry – along with the occasional satire surrounding hipsters and coffee shop clichés.
    A link to my blog is below and I will most definitely be checking out the blogs of others here on this post, as well as those who visit mine. Thanks.


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    I recently started my blog a couple months ago and I’m looking to virtually connect with people from all over the world. I write about anything and everything, and I’m looking for some feedback and some ideas on what people would like me to write about. I think words are extremely powerful, and I’d love to be able to relate and connect with all of you. Here’s my link!


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  38. Fuck Taylor Swift the HIPSTER RACIST lo this is what she had to say vql in a 2003 interview “of course my music is for white people, I would gladly slit the throat of every black man alive” lxs BOYCOTT TAYLOR SWIFT THE NECROPEDOSADOMASO HIPSTER RACIST avt

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  39. Hello and thank you for allowing us to do this! 🙂

    I write “Noble Doubt” which is a dramatic SimLit story told by the main character through a series of diary entries. Every 30 chapters, the diary is passed on to the heir of the next generation.

    A new chapter is posted every Saturday at 10 a.m. (EST) At times, short stories, poetry or another story I write called “Dax in Paris” is posted on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. (EST)

    Thank you in advance for checking it out. 🙂

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  41. Wow, I’m so glad you introduced this thread to me! How thoughtful of you- this is a great opportunity for new bloggers, and I’m sure everyone here appreciates you bringing us together.

    I write poetry as well as opinion pieces, and will soon be delving into the realm of short stories and e-books. The site is: angieyhsim.wordpress.com!

    My goal is to hear new thoughts, feelings and ideas from people, and as WordPress puts it, “reignite the conversation.” Through discussion, we can learn more about the world and advance- which is what makes writing in general so great.

    I would love to meet other bloggers here and will make sure to check out some of these great sites! 🙂


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  42. Jason, if this is still open I would be honored to join the group. I am a people person who wants to visit with anyone who is down and needs encouragement. I am a writer with three books published, the latest one just out waiting for a few things to be completed (like the web site for this book). The name of the book is To Those Who Would Love, A Metamorphosis. It is a novelette of 110 pages written with a Christian perspective and can be ordered from the web site as hard, soft, or e-book.It is already listed on Amazon and probably Barnes and Noble (haven’t checked that yet!)
    Looking forward to meeting you here or @upwardbound.me/wp.com

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  43. Came through the “Running to Zen” blog to get to this Meet and Greet again and appreciate that it’s being passed on like this.

    We’re a family oriented blog dedicated to sailing, cruising and adventure travel at: LiveFree2SailFast.com, love to have you come take a look.

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  45. Wow, I’m so happy to add my writer’s voice to the thread, thanks Jason for hosting this very eclectic “Meet & Greet”!
    I’ve been blogging from the West Coast of Canada for two years now, writing notes/poetry to my dear neighbour and muse, Huguette – we live in a beautiful city by the sea with a world famous urban forest just minutes away!
    Feel free to drop by & say “hello”!

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  47. Hi everyone:

    First,,,a Huge Thanks to Jason for starting this thread again,,,,,awesome-

    A quick introduction to my blog: We write about adventure travel, sailing and trips that include the kids. I’m a climber, adventurer, sailor, dad and full time employee who finds time for adventure. I’d LOVE to have you come check the site out, feedback is welcomed and refreshing- – Come Adventure with us,,,,,adrenaline is the world’s BEST medicine!


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  48. Hi OM – Marcy here… Personally, I love reading your blog posts and oftentimes come here for inspiration by reading your posts. some are sad yes, but your poems are touching and I can’t help myself for reading them… My passion for writing started many years ago, as well as my passion for traveling. I am a sucker for punishment I guess! I decided to start a travel bloggers site and all you travel writers out there want to share your posts, be my guest! It don’t pay but together we can gain exposure and learn new things as we go. Comments and posts welcome. Email me at marcies1960@aol.com and let’s build this thing together!
    So here’s what I have in mind:
    World of Travel Writers
    Email: marcies1960@aol.com
    Welcome to the World of Travel Writers – a unique website where travel writers/bloggers across the world can meet up, share their travel writing experiences and travel stories.
    World of Travel Writers is for travel writers/bloggers who love to write and travel.
    We need articles by travel writers/bloggers; we need press releases about new markets for travel writers; we need press releases about upcoming writing competitions and photography competitions. We need news that pertains to travel writing. We need all kinds of stuff to build this site! Are you with me? Let’s do this thing together!

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  49. Howdy guys! Please check out my blog, especially the new post. This blog is the only online presence I have, and we news help. I know it’s tacky/whatever, but please. Thanks.


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  50. Other than news footage, I see no mention of the horrific events which occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia on late Friday night, and continued into Saturday when a 32-year-old woman was deliberately killed in what can only be described as domestic terrorism. The silence amongst those in the blogging world is deafening…and, sadly, quite telling.


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  51. It’s been some time since I participated in a Meet & Greet, and 13 August is the perfect day to do so!

    I go by Sepultur’a, which is the name of an awesome metal band and also the name of one of my toons in a popular online game I play. I write and am currently in the process of publishing my autobiography.

    Here’s a link to a recent post:


    I hope to make some new acquaintances!

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  52. Hello,

    I recently started a blog for “how-to” articles and helpful advice. We feature a couple posts each week and are always open to guest bloggers submitting their own articles. We have a submissions form on our blog if you are interested. Feel free to browse the categories and hopefully you can find something useful. Enjoy! Here is the link:

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  53. Hello there! My blog is a poetry blog called The Cinderblock Garden. As my tagline says, it’s a place for me to lay my thoughts and bury my skeletons. I’m hoping that people will read my blog and find pieces of themselves in my writing; maybe even a little bit of inspiration. My goals include provoking thought, empowering the spirit and making people feel understood.


    Thanks for giving us all this opportunity!

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  54. Hi! I’ve been posting a new post on my blog every week since July 2012 !!! My blog is actually a lifestyle interview blog – I interview people from all walks of life, from all corners of the earth – we talk about their lives, their crafts/jobs/companies, their inspirations, and also their fashion/footwear tastes! Despite the name of the blog, I do delve into all different subjects … art, books, food, photography,travel, fitness … and I do cover topics of interest to both men & women. Don’t be shy, come & visit & see for yourself! New posts out every Friday (and occasionally on a Tuesday too) Here’s the latest: http://bootsshoesandfashion.com/an-interview-with-boutique-hotel-vivenda-miranda/

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  55. I write a blog about living with mental illness, I am diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and complex ptsd, I write about my journey through psychotherapy and my blog also includes my day to day life and stuff about weight loss, recipes, quotes, poetry etc.
    the link is

    would love to meet some of you!

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  57. My name is Mischenko and I have a blog where I post author Q&A’s and talk about books, movies, recipes, music and more. I’m looking forward to meeting some new bloggers as well. 🙂 Thank you.

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  58. Hey y’all, I operate a comedy/travel blog that is currently blowing up, not with visitors or page hits or likes or comments, but with ORIGINAL lit-inspired travel content and I’m gonna be posting more frequently in the near future as I’ve picked up the pen and it’s heavy with ink.

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  59. What to do with this? How ’bout a comment?
    I Was There. Now I Am Here. How ‘Bout You?
    By thiaBasilia
    1683 words.
    Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …
    Friday, July 7, 2017 at 8:31 pm
    O my Father—O Father of mine? I don’t know what to do with myself right now. I am aware that I don’t have to do anything sometimes, but! Is just a strange feeling. I don’t feel like writing or sleeping or eating or reading or talking to anybody. I don’t even feel like crying or laughing. Maybe I am just bored with everything! So much You bless me. Where is my gratitude? But I know that You are with me. You know all about these moments I must go through. Maybe I just fall asleep.
    Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 3:10 am
    I just posted, Where Are Ye All At In This World Of Insanity? Let me now be specific. I was there in 1985:
    First Words my Father spoke to me in 1985
    O my Master—my Beloved Yahuwah/Yahushua You spoke to my heart on the morning of August 8, 1985. You said to me at that moment:
    “I have been shaping you into a vessel, a beautiful vessel to hold flowers, beautiful flowers of love. These flowers are not yours, they belong to Me and I give them to whom I please: you are only holding them as they sit in the water of My love with which I have filled you.
    “You cannot give out these flowers on your own, because you are only a vessel holding them; but I will send you those to whom I have given the flowers you are holding; some will pick just the flowers from you, and some will pick you up, and use you to bring good news and cheer to others. Rest in Me and hold My flowers.
    “Do not put your own flowers in that vessel of yourself; because they are the flowers that wilt and don’t last; but the flowers that I am letting you hold will last forever.”
    And what kind of flowers are those Father? I asked. And You said to me:
    “You are only the vessel to hold these flowers and you need not to know what kind of flowers they are, again I say, rest on Father and just know that you are holding MY flowers and not your flowers.”
    Then You spoke to me a second Word to answer my dilemma at that time. I asked,
    “Father? Are You trying to tell me to quit looking at what I do and what I say and just to rely on You that what I am saying comes from You and what I am is what You are working with and that You are in control and to quit doubting everything because it doesn’t fit exactly with what I think and what I reason to be Okay, Father?
    And You answered me,
    “I am not trying to tell you. I am telling you. I am telling you just that. You look, you wobble, you go back and forth like a seesaw because you are taking your eyes off of ME.
    “Even in your typing that is what is happening to you, you take your eyes off the master copy to look at what you are copying. You are being self-conscious.
    “Fix your eyes on Me, I am your Master, I am in control, relax, I have taken your yoke and done away with it, now take My yoke, for My yoke is easy.”
    Father, help me! I pleaded. And with Your infinite patience You told me,
    “I am helping you, I am talking to you plainly, and you know I have touched you and made you whole. Quit trying to perfect My work. Relax and do your work and know that you are doing well.
    “Whenever you remember something you have forgotten, realize that I reminded you of it, and that I allow you to forget about certain things for My own reasons, even if you don’t understand My reasons.
    “You are not to know everything now because you can’t take it, it will blow your mind.
    “Picture yourself as a vessel, but in your human nature you have a narrow mind, the body of your mind is tremendous, but your mind is narrow at the entrance, there is only so much that can go in at one time, that is why I have to pour slowly and gently in order to fill you, and that is why I have to shape you to enlarge your opening so I can fill you.
    “Relax about your writing. You will write and you will get published and I will use your writings. That is why I gave you the gift of writing, for you to used it for My esteem and honor. It is not for you to use your gift for your own purposes and gains.
    “I’ll do the work, as a matter of fact I have already done it. So don’t worry about anything.
    “Take everything in this day and know that My name will be esteemed because you have obeyed and trusted Me and placed Me in the center of your being. Therefore, every little flaw in you has been taken care of. You are a finished work because I am finished—I finished My work when Yahushua suffered for you at the stake!”
    Wow! That was some 32 years ago—almost half my life-time. Where am I now in 2017? Another WOW! A Fresh Start with a bang! Even when my saga continues.
    Rejoice, O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart, rejoice! This is truly your Fresh Start on to a blissful eternity!
    Me? Dear Reader, from the moment I woke up this morning been doing nothing but, a lot of thinking and reconsidering matters.
    The situation between Ahmad and I is constantly in my mind. The more I purpose to ignore Ahmad’s antics, the more Ahmad gives me fuel to explode because of such antics.
    No sooner we get on to good graces, we are all peaches and cream for a day or so, then? Ahmad no more. Two, maybe three or more days, ‘where is Ahmad?’
    All kinds of possibilities both good and bad running through my mind, until last night. Rather until the moment I came to the closing of Fresh Start.
    He came over last night. A pitiful sight! He thinks he got the flu this time. Two days in his room because he does not want to contaminate the baby.
    He got no power to even stand up. How he managed to climb 4 floors of stairs? Go figure it! But, he came to talk about money. That’s enough to give him power to raise up from the dead! Hahaha! Anyhow, he no longer gets to me with all his dramatics.
    I know him like a book. He is a wonderful man. Other than my beloved Honey of a friend and mentor, the late Norman J. Martinez, and my latest friend the late Adeeb T. Khoury, I have never met anyone to resemble real goodness, but!
    Ahmad is also plagued with a brilliant mind that works against his goodness. So, we crash! No kidding.
    One explosion after another until this day! Suddenly! As I am in the middle of a sentence, it comes to me, “Call Ahmad and tell him you miss him! You miss your son!”
    Sure enough! I obey. I call. The end of the strife between us. How? What happened?
    Ahmad answered my call. We talked for a while. The money subject came about. I told him about my concern. He told me not to worry. He would take care of me even if there was no money.
    Then! It came to me to read to him the Father’s instructions to me about my attitude towards money.
    As I read those words to him, he kept agreeing. Suddenly! I exclaimed, “Ahmad! You are better than me! This is your attitude about money! Absolutely! I never saw it before until this minute!”
    O my Father—O Father of mine? How cleverly You have ended the horrible strife between my beloved Ahmad and me!
    How can I express the super joy in my heart of this moment? It is not a hype. I am sure.
    For every single day, every single moment, You steady my steps. The rain of Your power of love and wisdom from on high drenches my whole being.
    • It will never fail us. It will always avail for us.
    What a Mighty Yah We Serve! HalleluYah!
    Well, it’s now Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 3:38 a. WOW! Pay you mind to the number 8. Here we are. The 8th day of the 8th month. A DOUBLE EIGHT! The number eight means new beginnings. I sense today to be a new beginning yet for me and for Ahmad.
    Now, why did I write that? Is it wishful thinking, O my Father—O Father of mine? O but how I long for it not to be so. How I long to see some tangible results on this day.
    YES! RESULTS—Ahmad bought my water filter at last! Better yet, he came for a visit last night to make up for his 3 days absence. He looked pretty good. He kind of broke my boredom of yesterday. I asked, “What is it that you do? One day you are lamenting your 12/16 hours work day. Next day? You are not at work at all? What gives?
    “Basilia, my brother! He dropped! Hospital! Quickly! Quickly! But I just got home. Told wife to fix you some eats. Got your water filter. Tomorrow I’ll get the man to install it.” Hum! Do I believe him? NAY! But! It’s a fresh start for us. Maybe. Maybe I’ll get my filter today. It’ll be so nice to drink filtered instead of boiled water. Hahaha! HalleluYah!
    So, my dear Reader, that’s where I was and where I am at now. What about you?
    His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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  60. hello after stopping and starting again in fear if doing things wrongs well change if altitude F**k it what’s the worse can happen lol just going to go with the flow see what happens if anyone gets any strange messages it’s not it’s the flow

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  61. hello everyone,

    I began my blog last week Friday and have posted twice since. I would appreciate some feedback. My blog is basically my journey through a year and I need some suggestions on topics to write about in between as my life has been dull but I’m trying to change and be adventurous this year while improving my writing.

    please check it out hermindworks.wordpress.com

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  62. This is great. My blog is not brand new, but my country Finland is quite “unknown”, although we can offer nearly everything for everybody. For example reindeer races for everybody free of charge, Samba Carnivals, hiking on Arctic Hills among freely roaming reindeers, mid-summer cruises on lakes onboard of old historic steamships, historic castles, of course world’s biggest snow castle and much more.

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  63. Hi. I’m not new to blogging, but I’m new to looking at bloggers. As a part time teacher, homeschool teacher, urban chicken farmer, and mom of five, I am super glad that summer is here so that I can have time to browse and learn from other peeps doing the same things.

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  64. Hello everyone
    New blogger alert!
    I instead writing on self discovery, self love and a little of lifestyle. Just published my first post and will appreciate feedback. Thanks so much for this opportunity.
    Love, AJ

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  65. Hey guys- i started literally a week ago so any help or advice would be ever so appreciated!! I plan on writing travel blogs about my adventures and plenty of gaming (i’m secretly a massive nerd). plus i want somewhere to talk about my struggle with anxiety so there will be a few posts here too, please take a look and any followers will be followed back, thanks guys 🙂 xxxx
    can i ask a favour; i’ve started a blog https://hopelessblogweb.wordpress.com/ can you read my post and let me know what you think!

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