I deleted my site

All of my old posts that is. I’ll still keep aopinionatedman.com… it amuses me.

I feel like a website has to evolve with you and this website has changed a ton. Some might say too much…

I’ve gone through the evolutions of being a new eager blogger in 2013, an old blogger by 2014, and now a tired blogger by 2018.

There may come a day when I look back at what I’ve done with this blog and regret not doing more. But there are many stages in my life I can point to and say that to as well. I often reflect on such things and it is a bit pathetic really in this case… trying to create a historical moment from something still kicking. Very human of me I guess.

Al those old posts and opinions are gone. I am still the same though, but I suspect I’ll remain the same until I’m insane.

We’ll see.

-Opinionated Man



31 thoughts on “I deleted my site

  1. Good move. I had those thoughts too a while ago. I deleted the oldest posts, but I still think it’s possible to get rid of more old posts. They become heavy weight together and I always want to create new things. Then I can’t have too much old stuff in my luggage. I think you’re doing the right thing. Closing doors also means opening new ones πŸ™‚


  2. You are one of the first bloggers to encourage and inspire me. I have had a lot of “down time” lately and have often considered pulling the plug. I just found you again and am disappointed, but encouraged just the same. See you around the blogosphere somewhere, some time!

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  3. Here’s to recreating or creating out of…or creating anew…. Or something like so… may the metamorphosis be…all you wish it to be… πŸ™‚


  4. I am new to blogging, I haven’t even started a page yet, but read your introduction and thought, this guys is on my wave length, any advice would be greatly appreciated, I am a northern bird (lady) who struggles tolerating the majority of societies bullshit to conform, I want to speak for all those people who feel inadequate because they don’t have a degree, or are working class etc, I could go on and on and on, but I will save the rants for my blogs

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  5. Jason, I think your change is growth. I follow you on Instagram and you are still the same Jason. You’re just growing into a new life stage. It’s all good, get the most out of it. Happy Living! 😊 Christine

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  6. No worries. The Internet is forever; if you change your mind, you can painstakingly copy them all, one by one, from the Wayback Machine. Which is either the BEST thing ever to happen to the Internet, or the beginning of the downfall of civilization, depending on which day you ask me.

    Seriously, I hope you kept a private backup. I’ve done the purge, on occasion, and always end up wishing I could fish something out of the Dispose-All without some joker flipping the power switch while my fingers are down there, in the dark, retrieving some bit of writing I’d once deemed not worth keeping.


  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. When the journey starts you’re really excited but you get to a point where there just isn’t anymore you can give and when you can you can do so in small doses.

    Well done on starting anew Jason, here’s to version 2.0 of your blog πŸ™‚

    MaKupsy | makupsy.wordpress.com


  8. SO is it that you have been deleted from this life? Hmmm, i don’t know ur mindset. Was trying to do a comment and it wouldn’t allow me. Make sense now. vw


  9. Those old posts are reflections of who we were and are. Every thought and idea make us who we are today. They are never really gone. They are still you and it is good to see how you have grown.

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  10. I post twice a month now…I remember when I started out, my goal was to post weekly and I did…life sometimes has to be lived in order for us to tell more stories…good luck, my friend and hope to see you soon!

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