My Daily

I turned 37 recently.

I feel old.

I also hurt my back about two weeks ago and you would have heard some complaining here. I could tell you I was at sumo wrestling practice and just misjudged the guy, but that would be a lie.

Instead my injury was caused by a shopping kart at a King Soopers. I was trying to quickly lift it up and skoot it over for someone passing and when I lifted it I felt something pinch my lower back. I almost instantly started hunching over, much like that time in sumo practice actually. I suspect Gary caused this somehow.

I’m better now. I feel much better. Work has been hectic, but what else is new? Same shit different day.

I did get a new gas grill and we went and had a picnic with the family near red rocks. It was a lot of fun. None of you were invited.

I think I got sunburned though because my face hurts when I smile. It is a good thing I don’t smile much…




49 thoughts on “My Daily

  1. Ahhh to be 37 again. Actually that was only a few years ago. I feel ya on the back pain. Mine to starting to act all weird now. I think I pulled a muscle reaching for the bowl of sugar. Guess I didn’t need it anyway.

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  2. I am glad your back is better! The place I sunburn most is the top of my head lol! I part my hair in a different place each day because if I’m out at all, it will burn along the part. Then, it peels and man does that ever look gross.

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  3. Your injuries are a sign, that you’re, getting older, and you shouldn’t do something too quickly, like lifting that shopping cart so instantly, that it’s, a sign, you should, slow down the paces of your life now, because as we get older, our bodies don’t heal as fast as they used to…

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  4. -sigh- I could subtract 37 years and still be of legal age to drink. Gone are the days when I could hoist a girl over each shoulder and run across a field with them. (Women of age and agreeable to being carried across a field, of course) Or lifting the cab of a cab-over Ford truck from horizontal to it’s vertical position… sigh.

    However, the thirties should be a grand decade of your life. Old enough to have an idea of what you enjoy, young enough to still do it and remember how. Fifteen days until I hit a milestone age. Not sure I’m quite ready for it.

    Have Fun!

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  5. おθͺ•η”Ÿζ—₯γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™οΌοΌοΌοΌšD
    I’m glad you have got well!!.. take it easy:D

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  6. Happy birthday and sorry for your injury. It seems our bodies start protesting way too soon. My trainer had me do a workout Friday that I’m only now getting over. For two days, I was wishing for a higher couch and toilet. LOL I thought my thighs were extremely fit, but they’ve been lying to me.

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  7. Okay, I’ll try not to hurt your face.
    You realize if you don’t put a sumo wrestler in your shopping cart, chances are you won’t throw your back out lifting it.
    …wait, did I read that wrong?
    Must be my advanced age …

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