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For four years I tried to be the most social blogger in the history of blogging. When I created this blog in 2013 I had big plans. I was spending ridiculous hours living on my page and growing my connections in every way I could. I had dreams of being signed and no one could tell me what I could or could not do. For a guy that doesn’t care for the random meetup, I was meeting people constantly through social media and I was shocked that I liked it. I enjoyed the little windows into people’s lives that blogs gave and it was even more fun to be able to peak into a life without them knowing about it.

But I would let them know. I commented on everyone’s posts, reblogged people left and right, and willingly shared in the moment everything I was learning. It was way better than xanga.

Times change and people change, and some stay the same. That’s the hard part about blogging. It is like riding a bike, only now I’m not a hardcore rider like Gary and Jim. There they go huffing on by like speedsters and I’m peddling along on my new little pink bike that has this cute basket on it and doesn’t even have gears. It is a one speed.

How do you go from social to unsocial? It doesn’t surprise me really. It has been the same with everything I’ve taken on. It reminds me of bnet and the old channels I’d roam. It reminds me of the forums and the old boards I’d hawk. It makes me wonder what I’m still doing blogging really. It makes me feel so unsocial.

If I were to leave one tip to any new blogger that finds this site after I’m gone it would be this, you can do anything with a blog. You can reach anyone that wants to be reached and even some that don’t. It all starts with what you want and what you care to do to get it.

Try to recognize through it all what you have and what is there. Don’t always look for what is not.




39 thoughts on “Social Blogger

  1. Wise words. Thanks to your blogging advice I got more interactive in my blogging. Then my blog growed. That was fun. But then it growed some more and suddenly I didn’t know how to find time for the total blogging thing. So now I miss the social interacting when I only have time to post and answer comments. When I take time to interact I miss time to post on my own blog.
    But I have learned things comes and goes. Everytime I find time to visit other blogs It feels good to be back if only for a short time now and then. It’s so nice here on wp ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope you stay around here. I think there will be many that would miss you otherwise.


  2. OM, happy to meet another unsocial blogger. Not to the same degree, but the same goes for me. I call it slacking off posting, but still comment on faithful bloggers that follow me. Ya know there are hundreds of followers out there upping their stats. They leave one like to hook you to follow them, but they never come back. I follow you on Instagram too. Have a happy week, Jason ๐Ÿ“š Christine

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