What I’ve learned living in Colorado

1 – Everyone rides bicycles here. They also all think they are cars. You aren’t…

2 – When horses take a pee they really make sure their stance lets you know it.

3 – It doesn’t have to be cold to snow. This is a notion that has been completely destroyed by this state.

4 – Snowmen don’t go to Florida when they die. They melt and become a puddle… then a horse drinks them and pees them out.




11 thoughts on “What I’ve learned living in Colorado

  1. Somehow your posts got diverted to lala and and now I am all of a sudden seeing tons that I missed. I see you’ve changed to meow and Im wondering is this me and then o and then and upside down m to create meow? Or are you just like EH screw it, I feel like being meow!
    I also find it bizarre the stance taken while a horse or a cow for that matter pees. It’s as if they are about to give a big speech and they even look around as if to say watch me people something is about to happen here

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