Meet and Greets

I think meet and greets are great and there are many types of them out there. Some bloggers run weekly or monthly meet and greet “posts” which are basically just a way of drawing different people together that might never meet. Other media hosts have static posts, like mine found here – that are always open and always have new people adding their blog info to the board. There are even some adventurous folks that actually meet in person… gross. You won’t find me at those types of events, but it just goes to show that blogging isn’t only about posting for most of us. The interaction we get from those we meet is why many of us do this daily.

If you are looking for a catalog of different blogs to follow feel free and check out my Meet and Greet. The true winners are the people that use it as a jumping point to meeting other people. Don’t be afraid to say hi to someone first and visit other blogs.

That is where the magic starts… until they ask to meet in person. Then the magic dies a little.

-Opinionated Man



2 thoughts on “Meet and Greets

  1. OM!!I am back…how are you? Where are you? I see you have increased your followers even more since we last communicated! 😀 I am just about to finish my undergrad in media studies and then doing a Masters in Communication Design! What have you been upto? Would love your tips on how to engage with the blogging community more and gaining more readers. I really want to write a book and I feel blogging would be a great way to start honing writing skills. 🙂 Hope your gorgeous girls are well? Much love, Sy


  2. Sometimes the magic dies a little, but later sparks up again. Sometimes the magic dies. Sometimes it sparks higher. Sometimes it dies, sparks up, then later dies when the person’s true character becomes known. You never know!


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