I’d never known sadness until I watched a tear die. Watched it continue to roll until it disappeared before my eye. I knew emptiness then as I pondered upon what was lost. What was gone, what was the cause?

Circles within circles. I hear a whisper… drop us another. Broken images of me riding waves that came to be. Could it be the sadness from inside of me?

I’ve never known a reaction so strong to your action. Your words worm their way within, I feel your satisfaction.

Sadness stolen, I turn away.

Care is gone with my dismay

I’d never known sadness until I knew you. I’d never known love lost until we were through.




6 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. Like the comment above, it is beautiful and it is also heavy with sadness. Don’t linger too long in that despair as it can be very dangerous.On the other hand I realize that it may just be a beautiful poem. I know you to be up an down If you will pardon me for comparing you to me, You are an extremely talented person, hang on to it and treat your ability with caution lest it be destroyed. You will understand I think when I say I love you for all that you tackle and accomplish, like a grandma. Take care of yourself.

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