I’ve known controlled and uncontrollable rage. I think we all have. Uncontrollable rage like when we get so angry we throw our cell phone and break it. About six seconds later the regret kicks in and then a new anger… at ourselves for breaking such a precious thing! All over someone not even worth it! Fuck! What were we thinking?!? We could have thrown the blender, it is only worth $20! But then how would we make margaritas?

I’ve known controlled rage. That anger where you want to just pummel someone until they are broken like your favorite toy was. And then you are sad the toy is gone. I’ve known that rage before often and controlled it. It makes me reflect sometimes on myself.

When I was young I was taught that “a deed thought of is a deed done.” Well that scared the shit out of me. I think up some evil stuff and have thought horrible deeds in the past. That meant… I might as well of done them in the face of God. I wasn’t too sure about how I felt about that as a child. That basically meant I was on the hook for something I didn’t feel I controlled mentally. And who wants to fast from food to try and control your mind when you are twelve?

I’ve learned that my mind is a puzzle that becomes less puzzling each day. Pieces of me have become a part of what I will be, I just don’t know it yet. The piece of my mind that thinks awful thoughts and is right next to the agitated Cushman that never relaxes. I’ve stopped trying to fight them. They are just me at this point.

And I am who I am.





Some things are just reliable. You are always there when I need you, fitting perfectly into my hand.

We work together without thought. It is almost effortless…

You know what, it is effortless.

You can’t say that about most relationships. We never argue. I don’t even remember the day you came into my life.

Thanks for being you.

For being awesome at what you do!



Lost & Found

I never knew I was lost till I was found.

Morning glow come stay the night’s sound.

We are all dealing with something even with our eyes wide open.

A struggle for a forgotten feeling of feeling nothing at all.




Meet and Greets

I think meet and greets are great and there are many types of them out there. Some bloggers run weekly or monthly meet and greet “posts” which are basically just a way of drawing different people together that might never meet. Other media hosts have static posts, like mine found here – https://aopinionatedman.com/2016/09/27/wordpress-meet-and-greet-3-all-bloggers-welcome/ that are always open and always have new people adding their blog info to the board. There are even some adventurous folks that actually meet in person… gross. You won’t find me at those types of events, but it just goes to show that blogging isn’t only about posting for most of us. The interaction we get from those we meet is why many of us do this daily.

If you are looking for a catalog of different blogs to follow feel free and check out my Meet and Greet. The true winners are the people that use it as a jumping point to meeting other people. Don’t be afraid to say hi to someone first and visit other blogs.

That is where the magic starts… until they ask to meet in person. Then the magic dies a little.

-Opinionated Man



favorite month & person

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Bittersweet Sensations

January has always been my favorite month and my mom has always been my favorite person, so when my birthday week came last year, I decided to travel with her. The cold weather in Baguio was no match to the warmth my mother and I shared during our stay—walking hand in hand, laughing every time we get lost and tired, and hugging each other whenever we get the chance. We remained the same in La Union even when it wasn’t as chilly. My 22nd birthday never felt incomplete even though she was the only one I celebrated it with. The places we explored and the food we enjoyed became much more special because we were together. My mom is ultimately the only person in the world I couldn’t imagine living life without.

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